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Overview android-tablet TurboPad 890 –

Device Type

RockChip 3188, ARM Cortex A9,
4 cores x 1.6 GHz

The video
Mali 400 MP4

Operating System
Android 4.2.2

2 GB

Flash memory
16 GB, 13 GB available

Screen (size, type, resolution)
9.0 “, IPS, 1920 x 1280 (Full HD),
Miracast support and HDMI

2 megapixels (founded.), 2-megapixel (front.)
both – without autofocus and flash

There are

Number of SIM-cards
1 (the usual size)

Support for microSD-cards
Up to 32 GB

3G; Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n; Bluetooth 3.0



USB OTG, MiniHDMI, slot d / SIM- card slot, d / microSD card, 3.5 mm jack (headphone / headset), recharge cradle

6000 mAh

231 x 155 x 10.5 mm

600 g

average price YaMarket
8400 rubles

The tablet is based on a not too new SoC RockChip 3188 (quad-core ARM Cortex A9, 1.6 GHz). However, due to the number of cores and a decent processor frequency we can expect from him, if not outstanding, it is quite decent results. This contributes to the operating system Android 4.2.2. This OS is still up to date, but soon will move into the category of obsolete, having already left more recent versions.

Gadget received orientation sensor (mandatory item in today’s mobile solutions). Other sensors it does not, but there is a vibrating motor – it is not as mandatory thing, but still its presence can only be assessed positively.

Control weighing showed that the mass of the plate slightly less than stated and is 562

Packing and equipment

Tablet TurboPad packed in a box made of thick glossy cardboard with a magnetic “snaps”. Box bright, durable and beautiful; almost ready to gift wrap, and only. It is very informative: on the top cover a large font and icons are designated basic specifications.

A general view of the packing in the diagonal perspective:

450x334 49 KB. Big one: 1350x1001 287 KB

For more information about the device is shown in the bottom of the box :

450x317 58 KB. Big one: 1254x900 314 KB

Specifications quite exhaustive, but they present a pair of small errors. In particular, the table stated that the outbreak of the tablet is there, but in fact it is not. It also states that it detects only five points of tangency, in fact supports all ten.

In addition, the size of the tablet, on the packaging, differ from the dimensions specified on the official site. Should trust those on the box.

Now open the box and took out her set. To put it mildly, he’s good.

450x394 34 KB. Big one: 1029x900 131 KB

The manufacturer has equipped its model charger, cable USB- microUSB to connect to the “big” computer and the USB OTG adapter for connecting external devices. But that’s not all. Please note: the charger does not end flat USB connector and a pin connector.

There is a complete and stereo. She – snow-white color, and it had to be photographed on a black background, otherwise it is difficult to be distinguished.

264x450 39 KB. Big one: 527x900 130 KB

Is it good from an aesthetic point of view, that the whole set black and white headset, do not judge me.

And finally, the accompanying paper – “Owner’s Manual” and guarantee:

450x331 50 KB. Big one: 1222x900 308 KB

Manual in this case is not a formal document “for show “, and detailed instructions, which can be useful for beginners Android.

Imagine supplied in the form of a list:

  • tablet itself;

  • Charger;

  • USB-microUSB cable;

  • USB OTG adapter;

  • Headset;

  • User Manual and Warranty Card.

As you can see, everything you need in stock. One might even wish to cover, cover, but it is not needed, as there is a tablet with built-in cover. But talk about this in the next section.

In the meantime, briefly go back to the charger. We consider it more closely, in order to get acquainted with the technical parameters:

210x450 23 KB. Big one: 420x900 74 KB

The charger is quite powerful and can give a current of up to 2 A. Connect the tablet is round connector. Moreover, the gadget can be charged only from him, through the USB port to charge it can not.

Appearance and design

As mentioned above, the tablet TurboPad 890 received a very rare design with built-in cover. Its front side is connected to the rear cover one-piece manner. This here is the solution – elegant but not unambiguous. The elegance is that by combining the device with the housing cover almost does not weigh down its structure.

A possible “minus” of this solution is that when the cover is worn, it will be impossible to replace. Can only be cut in the front side and buy a standard cover for the tablet. In addition, the cover does not cover the chamber, whereby the window it can be scratched. Whether to regret it – sort out the relevant chapter.

Here is the plate, closed cover:

313x450 30 KB. Big one: 626x900 161 KB

It stylized textiles, but actually made flexible plastic with an embossed “textile” relief.

It’s now time to reveal the cover and look at the hero of the review, the screen is covered with a protective film advertising:

450x322 45 KB. Big one: 1258x900 291 KB

Then remove the tape and solemnly include tablet, the screen which there is a screen saver with soft colors. In the picture below the cover is folded to the back side of the machine.

399x450 46 KB. Big one: 798x900 134 KB

Then proceed to the examination of individual parts of appearance, for there is a very interesting and unusual moments.

In the upper part of the front side of the tablet, you can see a small window of the front camera – there’s nothing unusual. But if you shine a bright light on its lower part, the note on the window of macro photography with another sensor of unknown function:

413x450 24 KB. Big one: 825x900 106 KB

This blue sensor could be a proximity sensor or automatic brightness adjustment; but neither one nor the other in the tablet is not listed. Does not show their presence and determine the configuration utility CPU-Z. It is possible that the sensor is soldered to the board, but is not involved in the firmware.

Now flip the plate and consider the opposite direction, where there is also a little surprise.

310x450 24 KB. Big one: 619x900 101 KB

Top slot located speakers and the rear window of the chamber, and bottom – hole «Reset», denoted by the letter «R»; as well as the labels for the connectors on the bottom side of the device.

In the enlarged fragment of the back cover with the camera and speakers is as follows:

450x264 22 KB. Big one: 1280x750 149 KB

Note that the camera window or recessed with respect to the extent not its scope, and therefore can be easily scratched. This combined with a weak resolution camera (2 megapixels) can really “finish” quality. In addition, the window devoid of anti-reflective coating. By the way, the picture above is noticeable structure plastic back cover, which resembles the skin (but are not).

the right side of the back cover is visible seam, which is sewn the front side of the cover plate to the plastic cover. And here it comes the turn and that “surprise”. Closeup shows that it is not any seam and joint simulation.

312x450 42 KB. Big one: 441x900 112 KB

The autopsy revealed that in fact the cover is connected to the rear lid adhesive and bonding it is on the inner side of the lid.

Consider the plate in the lateral angles. View from above:

300x24 3 KB. Big one: 816x67 14 KB

The top of the present volume rocker and power button / off. Rocker button set soundly, not “hang out”, pressing clear; but maybe pressing force rocker slightly big.

Bottom view:

300x23 3 KB. Big one: 816x62 15 KB

The lower bound – the most versatile. There are (left to right): microSD slot card, power connector, headset jack, microphone hole, plug MiniHDMI, connector microUSB, a slot for “Sims”.

View from the right:

450x25 4 KB. Big one: 1200x66 22 KB

On the right side is nothing.

Left view.

450x33 5 KB. Big one: 1200x88 27 KB

And on the left side, too, there is nothing. By the way, this photo was taken with the folded cover (it is visible in the form of a thin strip from the bottom). A previous photos were taken with an open and “cut” in a graphics editor cover (so you can see more clearly the tablet itself).

To the previously set out remains to add that the assembled plate very high quality. No backlash and no gaps. In attempts to moderate the impact of the power (without the threat of damage) can be heard only very minor scratches.

Now let me photos of the inner world of the hero of view (such images in the testing process are done rarely, so accidentally during disassembly not to damage the material value):

306x450 57 KB. Big one: 1021x1500 515 KB

At the bottom we see two dark plate, covering the chip. These plates are not really dark and shiny (metal). They have turned dark because the light source is at an angle and is not reflected in them.

Please note that the battery does not go three and not four, but only two wires. This means that the temperature sensor there is no; either it is, but is not connected. To this question will be back later.


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