Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sony has introduced a watch Smartwatch 3 based on Android Wear and bracelet SmartBand Talk – 3DNews

Where is the line between clever and bracelet wristwatch? This is the question arises, when you meet with a new bracelet Sony SmartBand Talk, which is equipped with a curved screen E-Ink. Display – not only novelty bracelet. The name itself says that a user can use it to make and receive calls through the built-in microphone and speaker for hands-free communication (via a connected smartphone).

In SmartBand Talk has 2 MB of internal flash memory and a simple 32 -bit processor with the core Cortex-M4, which is responsible for displaying information on the 1.4-inch black-and-white display, the processing of notifications and so on. In the presence of the volume control buttons and the menu to configure the bracelet.

E-Ink screen allows you to not only use the device in bright sunlight, but is also very energy efficient: The battery capacity of 70 mAh, according to Sony, provides up to 3 days of battery life. In the presence of an accelerometer and an altimeter to assess the activity of the user. Daily statistics are collected and can be viewed in the journal Lifelog. Among other things, the device has to offer standard features modern fitness bracelets.

The user can change the strap, its corresponding aesthetic tastes. The device boasts a protection against water and dust class IP68 and is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone and a tablet (requires Android 4.4 platform or higher). If the mobile Android-device supports NFC, the procedure is simplified due to the bracelet. SmartBand Talk will be released in the fall in four colors and will be sold in Europe for 160 euros.

Along with the bracelet and Sony introduced the third generation of hours Smartwatch. Unlike previous models, which used its own platform Sony, in Smartwatch 3 uses Android Wear (the company notes that the unit was created in close collaboration with Google). Watches can offer very solid for this kind of devices Specifications: 1.2-GHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal flash memory.

You can also mention the 1.6-inch screen with a resolution of 320 × 320 pixels, protection against water and dust IP68. Built-in battery capacity of 420 mAh is charged via a standard port micro-USB. In the presence of a microphone, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and GPS-module. All statistics are collected in the appendix Lifelog.

Watches Smartwatch 3 will be released in the fall and will be available in a classic black design and sporty variant (color – lime). If desired, users can purchase additional straps pink or white flowers. Cost of the device on the European market will be 230 euros.

Both devices will work in conjunction with the new application Lifelog for Android, which is designed to record and display the history of the user’s life. Bracelet and watch collect information about user activity and displays it in a convenient form in Annex LifeLog on a smartphone. Will also be available a new web interface LifeLog, which will be available on the website Sony Mobile later this year. After its launch this year, users can get acquainted with more detailed data and descriptive statistics.

In addition to these hours and bracelet Sony announced during the exhibition the beginning of cooperation with the manufacturer of accessories Proporta in the near future is going to release an exclusive collection of bracelets SmartBand SWR10 with unique designs from popular brands Ted Baker and Barbour. At the end of the year will be a collection of devices SmartWear in cooperation Sony and the brand Roxy. The company’s stand was also presented with a tennis racket sensor Sony Smart Tennis Sensor.



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