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Android mobile operating system is now available to users in September 2008, and the first smartphone was the HTC Dream. Who would have thought that after six years, the operating system will take the dominant role in the smartphone market with a share of over 80 percent? Despite vsedostupnosti Android, many users do not know many details about the system. And it’s not about the tools for developers or the principles of interaction with the servers of the company.


1. Android was originally created by digital cameras

The search giant Google bought Android in 2005, while Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) represented this platform as a “decision to open source software for mobile phones.” But a year earlier Rubin created Android as an operating system for digital cameras. However, he realized that the future of smartphones, not the camera, and corrected the plans for the development of the platform. Nevertheless, Android came in a digital camera, just a little later than it was originally intended.

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2. The big players have not seen the threat at the beginning Android

Open Handset Alliance was created by Google and its key partners in 2007, the same year it was announced that work on mobile operating system with open source, based on the kernel Linux.

Then Apple released the first version of only the iPhone, as the market was submitted Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile. Representatives from Nokia, the largest producer of the time, said they did not see any threat to Android, and head of Windows Mobile does not understand what hopes the new player on the market.

Moreover, the main person commented on the announcement of Symbian work on Android: «We are on the market for nine years. During this time, we have seen dozens of new platforms that have appeared and said that Symbian is in danger. We are serious about this statement, but we already have these phones, this platform, as well as the strength of experience … We have already committed several attempts to create a standard based on Linux … but Linux is fragmented in its basis. He is uncontrollable ».

It is interesting that this statement about Android fragmentation is a problem to this day, but this does not prevent her to constantly increase the market share of mobile devices.

3. Android is the fastest growing operating system in the world

In 2013, only 5 years after the appearance of the first smartphone running Android on the market, the number of active users on the system broke the mark of one billion. This is the fastest growth of all-time among all operating systems. For comparison, Apple took 6 years to reach the mark of 700 million users with iOS, Symbian and for 11 years was able to unite under his auspices 450 million, and then went into decline.

4. Android is used in the largest number of devices

Among the three major players in the mobile operating system Android running on the largest number of devices. Despite the fact that most of the accounts for smartphones and tablets, Android is used in televisions, smart watches, cameras, home appliances, smart glasses, cars, game consoles and many others.

This is achieved through openness system, because Android can use the code in any wise man, and permission from Google needs to ask only for the installation of the proprietary applications that are unlikely to be needed in the dishwasher or the simulator.

5. Android logo created by designer with Russian roots

The iconic Android robot appeared in 2007 thanks to the designer from San Francisco with Russian roots Irina Blok (Irina Blok), who no longer works at Google. Logo would be simple and contain a robot. Irina Blok has found inspiration in the icons that can usually be found on the doors of public restrooms, depicting men and women. The final logo has not changed to this day, and the logo itself can alter anyone, including conventional and Android users through the application Androidify.

And what are some interesting facts about the system, you know?

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