Sunday, October 12, 2014

Android L launched on Galaxy S5 – Sotovik

In the summer event Google I / O 2014 the world was featured Android L, the next generation of world’s most popular mobile operating system. Bringing to mind the platform is still going on, which is why to evaluate all of its innovations is not yet possible. Even the final transcript of letters L is still under question, it is unclear whether this Lollipop («lollipop”) or Lemon Meringue Pie («lemon meringue pie”). You can not, however, exclude the branding type Lemonheads, Lindor, Laffy Taffy.

But handset manufacturers have already received early access to the source code of Android L, so at an accelerated pace to modify the system to brand needs and preferences. The leaked video shows that Samsung is testing the equipment Galaxy S5 preliminary assembly Android L, rich user interface TouchWiz.

As you can see, the Korean giant to be large-scale work to restructure the appearance of TouchWiz in accordance with a completely new design language Material Design. Last encourages developers of applications organize the interaction so that the user interface is perceived as natural. Alas, if the individual developers to convince the work will not make, OEM-manufacturers are slow, continuing to refer to outdated approaches Holo-concept.

Samsung still went towards Google, and TouchWiz modifications there. So awesome blue theme design, debuted back in Galaxy S II, has given way to the latest approaches in white style. Yes, not too bright Kohler satisfy energy-saving approaches in AMOLED-display (for which the best choice is black, or rather the complete lack of color), but nothing helped. And if the settings menu strongly renewed, the Quick Access Toolbar, still remained in the old style. Rebuilding interface continues, and how he would be on the basis of as yet unknown.

Branded Korean applications like dialer, messages, notes, hours and other design had actually again. However, nice transitions and animation effects Material Design until very little, so that the floating round buttons go without any frills.

Earlier lock screen only displays the date and time, but in Android L, he learned to withdraw the notification, the spectrum of which is perfectly adjusted. In the factory “green robot” the maximum number of alerts on a locked device is four, the number of those in TouchWiz half. Limitations associated with the presence of authorship effects unlocking Samsung. I would like to still increase the number of notifications, as Google is completely withdrawn from the lock screen widgets.

By the way, Android L brought a “cautious” notification: alert the user of incoming calls, received messages and low battery level is carried out without the intervention of in the user’s activity – the players absorbed the gameplay will be happy.

Samsung has built a handy tool work with the Clipboard, which keeps a record of taking screenshots and copied text fragments. Such a thing has already been implemented in the informal Android-assemblies from other vendors.

Android L handles applications new “engine» ART, which is why they need to accelerate, becoming more responsive and agile than a KitKat. Meanwhile, the early build “firmware” brought to mind not so Galaxy S5 on rails Android L shows itself quite slowly.

It is believed that Samsung TouchWiz-finished Android L interpretation of the beginning of December.


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