Saturday, October 25, 2014

Android users have suggested manually switch to winter time – the Russian Newspaper

Mobile devices based on the Android operating system will be unable to go to the new Russian time, according to a statement released by the corporation Google.

“This Sunday, October 26th, the clock in all time zones in Russia, translated by 1 hour ago. Unfortunately, your Android will not be able to automatically change the clock to a new time – stress in the company. – It may mean, for example, that your the alarm will ring an hour later than you need. We know that it can bring inconvenience, and we apologize “.

In order to keep to the schedule and do not miss the upcoming meetings and events, the owners of smartphones and tablets based on Android is recommended to disable the function in the settings section “Local Time Network” and “Date and time of the network”, then manually set the correct date and time.

Will the Russian users Android-gadgets in the future return to the automatic setting of date and time, including time zone is unknown. Why is the problem, then in Google did not specify.

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Note that users of computers and tablets running the Windows operating system does not need to worry about the fact that time is on their devices will be displayed incorrectly. Back in September, Microsoft developers have submitted a special update that will help computers to correctly display the current time after the transition to “winter” mode.

The readiness for the transition to a new time and reported in the company Apple. To transition went well, you need to setup an iOS gadget tick points automatically determine the time and leave the smartphone connected to the Internet.

Recall that in July of this year, the Russian State Duma adopted a law on the return of the winter time. Starting from October 26 in Russia there will be 11 time zones instead of the previous 9 will change time zones and borders.


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