Friday, October 24, 2014

Android will not be able to automatically switch to winter time in Russia –

The Russian owners of Android-smartphone and tablets have to manually transfer their devices to standard time on Sunday, October 26th. This was “” the company said Google, which develops Android.

«This Sunday hours in all time zones in Russia, translated by 1 hour ago. Unfortunately, your Android will not be able to automatically change the clock to a new time. It may mean, for example, that your alarm will ring an hour later than you need. We know that it can cause inconvenience, and we apologize, “- says the company.

In order to properly display smartphone transition to winter time, Google recommends that you disable the function” Date and time of the network “and” All Time “nastroyskah network device. The user can manually set the correct time.

The Russian office of Google failed to promptly clarify what is connected with such a problem and how you plan to fix the problem at the level of the platform. Apparently, Google is not prepared for the fact that in Russia this year reintroduced the transition to winter time.

At the same time, one of the competitors in Google – the company Microsoft – a month ago has released an update of its software products, which are designed to help users to switch back to standard time on October 26 and to ensure the correct display of 11 time zones in Russia. According to Microsoft, the update to correct the calculation of time and determine the time zone in Russia installed on 558 million user computers and servers worldwide.

The Russian State Duma passed the bill in July of a return to winter time, as well as the establishment of a new system of time zones. As a result, 26 October 2014 in most regions of Russia will be time again translated into an hour ago, and the country will have 11 time zones instead of 9 existing now, and their boundaries will change.


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