Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Every fifth Android user at least once subjected to cyber attack – Ferra

According to the “Kaspersky Lab”, 20% Android-users at least once have been exploited by malware. This is indicated by the results of the study “Mobile cyber threats”, prepared in collaboration with Interpol and will cover the period from August 2013 to July 2014. The most common type of malware became Trojans, sending out without the knowledge of the owner of the device SMS to premium rate numbers.

In total, during the period studied by the most active burst of cyber attacks over the past few years more than a million owners Android- devices using products “Kaspersky Lab” around the world are faced with dangerous software. This April experts have recorded serious decline overall number of incidents on a sharp decline attacks using SMS-Trojan. Speaking of Russia, the reason for this could be the new rules provide services paid via SMS, which brought the state regulator in the telecommunications industry – from May 1, when you try to pay for the service via SMS, all operators are required to send a request for a statement of intent on.

However, it is SMS-Trojans made a major contribution to the growing number of attacks – they accounted for 57% of all positives protective products “Kaspersky Lab” for Android-powered devices. In second place family RiskTool (21,5% of incidents) – conditionally legitimate programs, which, however, can be used for malicious purposes (sending SMS, sending geo-location data, etc.). In the third, with a share of 7.4% – application hype displayed in pop-up windows and notification in the status bar,

The main objectives of cybercriminals who earn their malware for Android, users are from Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Ukraine and Germany. This is due to the prevalence in these countries pay for content services and online services through paid SMS – for attackers is an attractive way to monetize malicious attacks, as it allows you to withdraw money from an anonymous prepaid mobile accounts to third party bank accounts.


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