Friday, October 31, 2014

Google announced the departure of company founder platform Android – RBC

The developer’s mobile operating system Android Andy Rubin

On leaving the head of Google said on Robotics CEO Larry Page, reports The Wall Street Journal. “I wish Andy all the best in all his endeavors. With Android, he created something truly remarkable – for more than a billion people are happy, “- said in a statement.

The electronic communication received on publication, Rubin said that he had never had any problems with independence. “Larry has made it possible for all the work on robotics were exactly as I wanted it, and for the first year we have made significant progress,” – wrote the developer.

Google acquired Android in 2005, Rubin worked adaptation platform for mobile systems. Until March 2013 he served as vice president of the mobile platform, and then headed the direction of robotics. It will replace James Kaffner (James Kuffner), who worked with Rubin and is a specialist in the study of the motion of humanoid robots.

Under the guidance of Rubin Google acquired several companies involved in robotics, including Boston Dynamics and Schaft. The first of these is known for the fastest robot in the world, called Cheetah, four-legged robot BigDog, which can carry loads over rough surfaces, and the humanoid robot Atlas, developed at the request of the Ministry of Defense.

The Japanese company has developed a robot with the Schaft five feet, which can climb the steep slopes. Just before the end of 2013, Google acquired eight companies from the scope of robotics.

In 2013, in the world, according to company IDC, has sold 793.6 million smartphones running Android, which accounted for 78.6% of the market. In Russia, the share of sales of Android tablets occupy 79% of the market.


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