Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hearthstone will appear on Android-powered devices before the end of this year –

As you know, Hearthstone, shareware card game from Blizzard, won an astonishing popularity, presently left behind to support two platforms: devices on Android, and iPhone. And if Android everything is more or less clear, the story of the iPhone raises more questions than answers given to them, as on the iPad game feels good. But it’s not an iPhone, and an Android.

The guys at Blizzard are known worldwide for its deliberation and meticulous when creating games, so very few people wonder why additions to its games come out every 3 years. Approximately the same slowness valid for Android-powered version Hearthstone, which Blizzard in its official news block has promised to release before the end of this year. It should be noted that on other platforms Hearthstone appeared six months ago, and a beta version – even earlier.

A month ago, Blizzard to report that the total number of users who have ever played in the Hearthstone, has exceeded 20 million. We can assume that today this number has increased seriously. The developers promise to provide the game with new additions, in order to prolong the life of the project.


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