Monday, October 13, 2014

Is it true that Android users get a new SMS-virus? – Arguments and Facts

Smartphones running on the operating system Android, can attack the new virus, which is able to empty the account holders mobile gadgets. This is reported by the experts of Adaptive Mobile.

Virus Selfmite able to spend all the money from the account of the owner of Android-devices due to send spam messages.

Today was Selfmite found on Android-powered devices in 16 countries, including in Russia.

How does a virus?

The virus sends the first 20 contacts from the address book SMS with a link to download malicious programs.

Reports that get owners gadgets, a proposal to install an alternate directory of mobile programs – Mobogenie.

After installing .apk files the virus is activated and in the background of the person owner of the phone starts sending spam to contacts. SMS sent to the same content to each recipient several times to reset the balance.

Recently, it has a more aggressive version of the virus – Selfmite.b, which can send 1000 SMS-messages to all user’s contacts.

What to do in case of virus attack?

If a virus attacked your mobile device, immediately contact your service provider to block the number requested. Thus be able to save money in the account.

How to secure the device?

In order to protect your gadget from viruses, should do the following:

  • install mobile antivirus protection;

  • disabled in the ability to install applications from any source other than proven shops;

  • to avoid the little-known application developers;

  • do not click on links from unknown senders, not click on links in emails or SMS, which came from unknown numbers. Even if a link is sent suddenly familiar contact, it is better to ask about her personally;

  • to set a password. To set the PIN-code, you need to go to “Settings» → «Security» → «Lock Screen.” You also need to remove the checkmark from the items “Show password” and “Unknown sources»;

  • Do not connect the gadget to suspicious network Wi-Fi;

  • at the uselessness disable wireless modules Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.



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