Sunday, October 26, 2014

Main developer Android gained control of key products Google –

Chapter to develop platforms Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai under management reorganization Google gained control of the key products of the company online. Reported tehnoblog Re / code referring to the text of the intra-mailing Google.

According to sources, publications, Pichai as senior vice president of products now directly controls the development of a search engine and maps Google, research projects of the company, the social network Google+, commercial and promotional products, as well as infrastructure projects. In addition, it will retain the leadership of Android, Chrome and Google-applications.

The six top managers Google, which previously reported directly to CEO Larry Page, will now report to Pichai. Among them – the head of the research division of Alan Eustace, head of commercial and promotional products Shridar Ramaswamy and head for the development of a key product for Google – Search Engine – Amit Singhal and others.

According to Page, such a reorganization of management structure will allow it to as head of the company free from studying the many reports on products and innovative designs do tighter Google. In addition, he stated that the transfer of authority for the management products will help him focus on the “big picture” of the company.

Paige continue directly manage the business and operating activities of Google, including new energy unit, output unit Nest, Laboratory of innovative products Google X, as well as corporate development, legal and financial matters, including the sale of advertising. It is noteworthy that YouTube also fell under the reorganization, and the head of video Susan Vozhitski still subordinate to Page.

This is not the first major advancement through the ranks in Google’s 42-year Sundar Pichai. Three years ago, he led the only browser Chrome, and a little later the same name as a platform for netbooks. In 2012, under his control and hit Google applications after leaving their company they then head Dave Giroux. Finally, in 2013, when Andy Rubin resigned as head of development on Android, this highly profitable and fast-growing project also came under the leadership of Pichai.

According to the media, while Pichai was in focus and other technology companies. So, a few years ago it was trying to lure Twitter. Also, his name appeared among the potential candidates for the presidency after the departure of Microsoft Steve Ballmer. However, market experts have expressed conflicting views as to whether Sundar Pichai prepare for the role of the future general director of Google. It’s worth noting that almost all the top managers of Google have worked in the company for at least 10 years, and the Larry Page is still quite young to lead the world’s largest Internet company.


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