Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New virus can not be removed for Android – Russian Newspaper

Specialists company “Doctor Web” reported the discovery of a new Trojan that infects mobile devices based on Android. After infection Android.Dialer.7.origin starts ringing at premium numbers and account holder gadget expensed significant amounts.

“Malware make costly calls without the user’s consent, have long been known: such threats were widely common in the era of slow Internet connection technology dial-up, when the communication is performed using modems, and later often attacked and mobile devices – the experts. – The main task of such malicious programs – to connect to a specific phone number for that subscriber victim’s account is debited impressive amount flowing into the pockets of intruders. Currently, these programs are less common, but still used by fraudsters to obtain illegal earnings “.

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In most cases, experts say, premium numbers belong entertainment services “for adults “.

Calls Android.Dialer.7.origin commits to a certain number, which is stored in the settings, but the creators of the Trojan can change it using the remote command. Once the first time on the gadget, the malware creates a shortcut without a signature, which later disappears.

One of the main features of the Trojan program that propagates under the guise of erotic application, is that it removes a label from the list of applications and works in as a system service. In this attempt to remove malicious application via the menu system settings will be suppressed – the virus will block the removal and will open the main screen. Thus, you can only remove the program using antivirus.


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