Sunday, October 12, 2014

New virus for Android steals money from mobile accounts – Russian Newspaper

Smartphones running the Android operating system is striking a new virus that can devastate the account holders mobile gadgets, according to experts of Adaptive Mobile.

Malware application called Selfmite.b spreads by SMS-distributions. The reports, which get the owners of Android-devices, a proposal to install an alternate directory of mobile programs – for example, Mobogenie. The messages also contain a link to a file APK, shortened using the service Experts do not exclude that in the future the authors of the virus may use another service.

After the user downloads and installs a file, Selfmite.b infects the system and starts sending messages containing a malicious link, all the user’s contacts . Their actions virus replicates repeatedly sending SMS with the same content to each recipient on several occasions.

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This can go on for as long as the mobile operator does not detect and block such messages, or until the user has run out of money on your mobile account. Experts warn that the owners of the devices affected Selfmite.b, could face huge bills for cellular communication.

In those countries where there has been the spread of the virus, listed Russia, United States, Vietnam, Venezuela, India, Canada , China, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Japan. Adaptive Mobile Experts noted the high level of “aggressiveness” Selfmite.b and recommend users to install mobile antivirus to protect against new threats. In addition, the settings of the smartphone is recommended to disable the ability to install applications from any source other than the official store Google Play.


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