Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nokia has launched its card HERE for Android – Russian Newspaper

Nokia introduced the beta-version of its navigation service HERE for Android-powered devices. However, to begin to use it, will have to try. Application is not on Google Play, you can download it from the project site, and the file -apk must be installed manually.

HERE can be used as a map and as a navigator with voice, supporting the Russian language. The app works without an internet connection, but first need to download the map of the selected country. They are in the service, by the way, more than 100, and each requires a large amount of memory.

Maps displayed in three modes include major attractions, pedestrian zones, public transport routes and catalog companies, though not very detailed, as well as traffic congestion. Favourite places and objects can be added to a collection, which is the default three. The latter function, however, is available only to registered users. To do this, you can start a login and password on the site HERE or use the account Facebook.

Stability and usability of the service Nokia promises on devices with Android 4.1 or higher, 1 GB of RAM and a minimum 4-inch display.

Earlier, the Finnish company has spread its service on gadgets with Windows Phone OS and Symbian, in August HERE became available to owners of the flagship smartphone Samsung and got the ability to synchronize with the “smart” clock Gear S.

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As vice-president of Nokia Sean Fernbek, quoted by the publication of ZDNet, the company intends to continue distribute your application through collaboration with device manufacturers.

– It is difficult to compete with the existing navigation services, so we chose a slightly different path. This does not mean that HERE never appear in Google Play, but the initial database creation strategy is that users will receive navigator complete with mobile devices – said Fernbek.

One of the main advantages of the application, on that hope in Nokia, apparently, is completely free support: Users can freely download and update maps for any country.


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