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Next week the first lucky owning devices range Nexus, will get a new version of Android – 5.0 Lollipop, which Google calls a major update since its inception. “Times” decided to consider what changes await ordinary users of the new system.

Multiple profiles

The fact that the difference between computers and mobile devices are gradually being eroded, we hear a long time ago. Another confirmation of this trend – the emergence in version 5.0 Lollipop ( in translation from English – “lollipop» ) fully support the work with multiple accounts in Android. Thus, if you have one at home plate for the whole family, then each member will go under your password and see your applications and games without bumping into “this stuff that you leave here again!”. Yes, such a possibility was already in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but in two years Google modify it, and now it is available not only in the plates, but also in smartphones.

Google Fit

At the presentation, Apple introduced iOS 8 HealthKit – a single center, which collects data from all the “smart” accessories, track the performance of the body of the user. Naturally, Google could not stay away from the trends and therefore provided a platform Fit, designed for the same purpose, and the built in Android 5.0.

Moreover, this platform can be downloaded now if you have a device on Android 4.0 and above.

Material Design

In the debate about whether made by Google, which has changed the design of the system was broken enormous amount copies, but, be that as it may, now looks Android – this Material Design. Card interface known by Google Now and Android Wear, becomes the base in a large system. With him comes the main trend in the design of the OS – flat controls. And if iOS – it gradients, and Windows Phone – it’s two or three contrasting colors, the Material Design user sees a riot of colors.

Filtering notifications

It has been said many times, along with the appearance in Android 5.0 will change the format of interaction with notifications – they will have more independence, and with their help, it will be possible to perform most actions without going into the application.

appears and filter updates – on the lock screen will appear only those that are most important to you.

The modified face detection

Since the notification will not only accumulate in the notification center, but also on the lock screen, the user after turning on the screen for a while will get acquainted with the new information. This couple of seconds that the user will spend on learning notification system will be used for face recognition. Thus, the device shall release will occur almost imperceptibly.

Smart Lock

Another innovation that facilitates unlocking – this feature Smart Lock, which operates solely in conjunction with the Android Wear. If your smartphone can be found in the immediate vicinity linked to it “smart” clock on the platform from Google, then the password will not be required.

If the user’s hand with a clock next to no, then the system has kindly offered to confirm the identity by entering a PIN-code.

Integration with accessories

«Smart” accessories – not only for the devices on the platform from Google. Bluetooth-keyboard, for example, are very popular for tablets on any operating system, Android, and previously poorly able to work with them by regular means. In Lollypop Google has added what many have been waiting for – support for keyboard shortcuts. Now switch the language to be as simple as on the computer. As well as copy-paste the text.

OK, Google

Siri speaks English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Cortana understands English and Chinese. But Google Now knows the great and powerful, and because native voice assistant on the Android should be of interest to our users.

In Lollypop it can be called, without touching the device, but simply gives the command «OK, Google».

In the same Siri and Cortana this trick will not work – you need to include assistants pressing.

Improved performance and autonomous operation

Functions – functions, but “under the hood» Android to work in Google does not forget. The main result of these changes for the end user will be twofold: applications will run faster and your smartphone – longer. First achieved by switching to a new software engine ART, the second – with the help of tools power optimization under the name Project Volta. According to official information, “Volta” can increase the operating time of 90 minutes, and the results of testing of foreign experts runtime increased by as much as 30%.

Standard encryption

Privacy – one of the cornerstones of the creation of modern operating systems. In Android 5.0, all information transmitted from a smartphone / tablet is automatically encrypted standard tools of the system. Thus, even if a hacker able to intercept such data, they did not able to do with them.


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