Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Among iPhone buyers seen a record number of defectors from Android –

Those who are puzzled by the change of the “Day of AMD” on the “Day of Apple”, is haunted by the question: “Who are all these people who buy Apple products in record numbers”? Especially because analysts are increasingly talk about saturation segment of expensive smartphones, which continues to play aggressively the company, and the share of more affordable devices with the Android operating system is growing steadily. Comments from Apple’s recent quarterly balance sheet conference allow to shed some light on some of the issues.

The company’s management, firstly, encouraged by a record number sold last quarter iPhone (74,5 mln. Pieces) – the first quart erly revenue in this sector exceeded $ 50 billion. As we have already explained, the proceeds from the sale of iPhone grew faster compared with the volume of sales. This is confirmed by the CFO – iPhone average selling price rose to $ 687, it’s $ 50 more than the previous year. IPhone sales grew both in developed markets and on growing. BRIC in the list of champions last quarter featured China and Brazil. In general, in the BRIC countries, sales of iPhone for the year grew by 97%, but in the US rose by 44%. If we talk about the total revenues of the company, it has grown in developed markets by 20% and growing – by 58%. In China, revenue growth was 70%, while the number sold during the quarter, Apple’s smartphone is doubled.

In general, Tim Cook did not hesitate to confess your love to the Chinese market – the second largest in the world for the iPhone. Soon the number of retail stores Apple in the region will reach 20 un its, and by mid-2016 it will double. Apple Online Store delivers products in 350 Chinese cities. Last quarter, revenue from e-commerce in the region exceeded the result of the previous five years. Competition among local manufacturers Apple is not very confusing. At least she did not come today or yesterday, and the company feels quite comfortable in the Chinese market.

Tim Cook is not inclined to believe that the market is saturated smartphone brand Apple. On the contrary, he believes that the potential of these products is still very high. On the iPhone and the iPhone 6 6 Plus has passed no more than 10-15% of users iPhone, and they may be joined not only the owners of other models of the iPhone, but users and Android, as well as those who have none at all smartphones. In fact, the last quarter was a record number of “defectors” with Android and the “debut” buyers iPhone. Tim Cook is confident that the world is still quite owners of A ndroid-smartphone, which in the future wish to go on the iPhone. By the way, Cook did not go into the details of where it was more popular iPhone 6 Plus with large display, but the company’s CFO said that this smartphone is allowed to raise the average selling price in the last quarter.

By the way, Apple is quite happy with the outcome of the current sales iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and the balance of supply and demand on the iPhone and the iPhone 6 6 Plus has been achieved only in January, which already applies to the current quarter. In fact, all along the fourth quarter, Apple was struggling with a deficit of the current generation of smart phones, but at the end of the period was able to sell a few million more devices than expected in October.


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