Thursday, January 29, 2015

Android has received a final Office – Dni.Ru

Microsoft has released the final version of their office applications for the operating system Android. All of them are free, but require a Microsoft account and provide clearance for a paid subscription to Office 365.


Microsoft unveiled the final office applications Word, Exel and PowerPoint for tablets on the operating system Android. All of them are free and design have not changed compared with the version for Windows. In contrast to the Windows-based software applications for Android free of charge.

The company had previously released Office only on the iPad, and for Android-users was available meager Android Office Mobile, intended for viewing office documents on smartphones. In early January, Word, Exel and PowerPoint appeared in Google Play as test beta versions, and were finally released the final application.

Functional little inferior to Windows-analogues on tablets now also conveniently edit documents as computers. Especially with the external keyboard. All three applications work with tablets with screen sizes from 7 to 10.1 inches, require at least one gigabyte of RAM and at least Android version 4.4 Kitkat. Applications optimized for “fifth” Android, but when you run the user sees warning that they are not optimized for this version, according to TechCrunch. In addition, the “five” does not work training video.

Microsoft Word for tablets received from users of four stars out of five. Criticism is to ensure that Microsoft asks to register for work in the application, as well as making a paid subscription to Office 365, which costs 200 rubles a month. Some say the speed, others say that it is too slow. Apparently, it all depends on each individual iron plate.


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