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Android, so whether you’re awful? Opinion fans iPhone, or “poison terrible, but terrible slander” –


In the world there are a large number of operating systems, the most popular – Android and iOS. Today, Android has a leading position with a 84.4% market share. This is a huge figure, and it is possible that in the future, Google will become a monopolist, as worthy competitors every year fewer and fewer. Among consumers, there are certain groups of people who are ardent fans of a particular system, they create a picture of the users of the systems, and usually develops a misconception.

Below me was written by a small circuit in which I identified the main reference points by which users choose the device:

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And on the stage there is a choice of the greatest resonance. After all, if we take the design, performance, in this respect, the position of the people is almost identical, but when it comes to choosing the system, it is influenced by several factors: the first – the price, and the second – this is a subjective interest of the consumer. And, as a rule, at this stage, people prefer to Android-powered devices, because they are cheaper, and I will not speak openly, but the ratio of operating systems can be relatively straightforward stratification of society, in other words, the more Android-devices on the market, the more people that are not as financially secured.

This is, of course, a very controversial issue because it affects the choice of a lot of factors, including the same subjective interests of consumers and the development of the system, but as an alternative assessment segments of the population, this method well suited. Because, firstly, iOS, and Android today are very similar both in appearance and functionality, and, secondly, the number of cheap Android-devices on the market greatly exceeds the number of flagship devices.

 htc one x vs iphone 6

Another question – is the ratio of users of one system to other users. First, let’s understand what it means to “fans iPhone». Normal user absolutely uninteresting questions “Which system is better?”, “Who is cooler?” And other nonsense. However, in social networks and online resources taken to discuss this topic. People who start humiliate Android-users and cause some arguments in favor of iOS, a little bit, but they are there and leave considerable sediment in the opinion of the average user. Now I would like to get rid of the myths of the absurd opinions which disturb the harmony in the relationship between the owners of different operating systems.

 galaxy note 4

Let us say at once, each system is good in its own way, one can not say that the best iOS or Android Android better than Windows Phone. Subjectively, each of the readers, of course, choose Android, and rightly so, another thing is when they begin to pick holes in other systems and point to them, in the circles of Android-owners is not so developed, but has a place, but among the iOS-users is found around it.

Pros Android’a in its openness, its customization, the ability to adapt to the user. Optimizes games and applications, smooth operation and intuitive – the pros iOS. And everyone chooses what he is most important: if a man decided to take the Android-device because of the possibility to put the firmware, it does not mean that it is poorly secured, it does not mean that he can not afford the iPhone. In other words, everyone has a choice each of us makes it, with an emphasis on personal preference. Yes, there are poor people, but it does not tell us that Android – it’s only system for the lower layers, Android – a universal system designed for a wide range of sectors of society, on iOS do not tell you this.

 sony z3

Android is often blamed for a large number of viruses that on Google Play a lot of unnecessary and “junk” content. And in this regard I would like to say that if the virus is, in Google Play a large number of vendors. Speaking of viruses: they are not so much to dwell on this point, so these accusations are groundless. About the content – here I am with you also do not agree: daily Google tightens control quality assessment downloadable applications, Google recently tightened rules of registration of the application descriptor, in other words, the development in this direction there.

Yes, of course, can not be simply delete the unwanted content, it is, but should understand that Google’s policy is quite different. Initially the system was designed as an open, there was little quality control of downloadable applications, since the system had to compete with the powerful at the time Apple. As you can see, this policy has made of once ant what we see now – the dominance of Android, strict control of the market and an annual expansion of zones of influence.


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