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Tools of the month. Major Android-Apps January – BBC News

Vesti.Haytek continue to keep track of the best applications that developers write for the platform Android. In the January collection got a program that will not spoil the laundry in the washing tablet Office from Microsoft, the legendary photo editor from Adobe, a terrific replacement for the standard photo gallery and other useful software.


One of the best photoappendices 2014 for iOS finally got to the platform Android. The service allows you to quickly achieve stunning effects. Image processing does not occur until after the shooting, but while creating photographs.

The Finnish studio has created an amazingly simple and easy interface, where you can find a huge number of filters and settings, a variety of interesting” chips “. For example, the mode of “self-timer” is automatically tracks the movement of the frame. Once people stop moving and will freeze, the shutter releases. For more details about the application read our review.

To install Camu version 1.1 of 11 MB, you will need a smartphone with Android version is not lower than 2.3. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Falcon Pro 3

Fresh program that is sure to appeal to all who sit in Twitter, but dissatisfied with the official Android-client. Compared to a standard client Falcon Pro looks amazing – she fully adapted to Android 5.0 and is made in the “material” design. But application download costs, primarily because of its functionality.

Navigation in the program reminds TweetDeck built on the principle of speakers, you can switch between swipe. The user chooses what is displayed in each column – it may be mentioned, tweets from selected users, granting to the proper hashtag and so on. Especially note that the photos from Instagram in the tape are displayed fully, and not as a reference than sinning standard Twitter-client. For more information about the application can be found in our review.

Download Falcon Pro 3 can be free (payment in the amount of 238.3 p. For the connection account then possible in the appendix) in the Google Play


Prior to the Android platform and got a professional photo editor Lightroom from Adobe. The program is almost identical to the previously released versions for the iPhone and iPad and has almost all the basic functionality of a “desktop” version optimized for the touch interface. The user can quickly take a photo and synchronize it between all your devices with Lightroom.

Thus, You can, for example, start to edit a document on Android-smartphone, and finish on “iPads”. Android-tablet version has not yet been optimized.

Lightroom can free download and use for 30 days. To continue, you will need a subscription service Creative Cloud.

Microsoft Office for tablets

A full-featured office suite Microsoft has finally got to the Android-plates (devices with a screen diagonal of 10.7 inches). Android version is virtually identical to the version for the iPad, which was released last year.

This package includes programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The program is free, but for the use of all functions and to work on the displays of more than 10 inches need a subscription to Office 365.

The package runs on Android 4.4.4. Word, Excel and PowerPoint available for free download on Google Play.


It often happens that by machine washing things go bad – fade, sit, crawl. Most likely, this is due to the wrong place the selected mode. Many people simply do not understand the meaning of these strange symbols on labels of clothes and washing regimes differ.

The application iStirka should help to cope with such situations. Choose your washing machine from the list of models of the program, and then scan the tag on the clothes (or manually select the desired icon), then the program will tell you which mode you need to wash it.

The program is available for free in zaguzki Google Play


Russian debtors in this month relieved, because the new program” depressant “protected them from the persistent calls of collectors of debts. It’s no secret that collectors are used psychological techniques of attack, the names in the most inconvenient time – early morning, late at night, many times a day.

Application “depressant” collects and regularly update the database of phone numbers used by collectors and blocking receive calls and SMS from these unpleasant people. The only chance for the collector to call you – use a virtual phone number, but it is difficult and requires money, so that in any case, calls will be much less.

Not long ago, Google, without explaining the reasons, remove the program from the store Play Store. So far, the service is available in Yandeks.Store. The developer is going to sue Google, to return to the store its program.


Also in January, the developers released many wonderful updates to their programs, which greatly expanded their functionality. Consider the best of them.

QuickPic 4.0

One of the best alternative galleries for Android updated to the fourth version. Service continues to be one of the fastest-running programs galleries, which is achieved by caching. There are lots of opportunities – for example, viewing a slide show, a built-in image editor.

Updates allowed to pull the gallery not only pictures of the phone memory, but also from a variety of” cloud “services. Now you can create your own folders, view “SIFCO” send photos over Wi-Fi and much more.

To learn more about the possibilities of the fourth version of this review can be.

The program is available for free download in Google Play

Google Translate

translator from Google in January significantly wiser. The program has learned to translate it in synchronous mode. With the camera can instantly translate the inscriptions.

So, Google Translate has become an indispensable tool for travelers and people who often need to speak with foreigners. Imagine that you have come to the restaurant in China and can not understand what is written on the menu. Enough to bring the phone and now the terrible characters are converted into understandable names of the dishes.

An updated version of the application is available for free download on Google Play.


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