Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sberbank denies fraud against customers with phones on Android – Interfax


Store service to verify information on fraud, which appeared in the media, but has not yet seen an increased number of calls from customers


Moscow. April 11. INTERFAX.RU – Sberbank of Russia denies reports on fraud against customers with phones on the operating system Android. The Bank issued a message on Saturday evening, which also reported on the implementation of measures that allow customers to protect their devices based on Android.

Earlier media reports, citing sources in the Interior Ministry reported that 20-30 thousand. Sberbank’s clients have become victims of the virus that stole money from smartphones to Android, geotagged bank.

The representative of the credit institution said that now is not the Savings Bank notes increased number of calls from customers, and information published in the media, is checked.

“There are cases of fraud attempts aimed at customers of various banks and mobile operators, so we always recommend customers to be vigilant and alert your bank about such cases. We also do not recommend customers to download unknown applications from questionable sites on its mobile devices, “- noted in the press-service.

Earlier on Saturday, it became known that the Interior Ministry officials detained several residents of the Chelyabinsk region on suspicion of embezzling 50 million rubles from customer accounts Russian banks using smartphones to Android. It is unknown whether the related reports of the theft of money from the customers of the Savings Bank and the apprehension of suspects in the Chelyabinsk region.


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