Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ten-Android-tablet Dell Venue 10 7000 will go on sale in May –

In his tenure as a public company Dell played enough with the release of devices to balance combined genres of smartphones and tablets, but after the repurchase of own shares from the market began to pay more attention to it, “thoroughbred” tablet, which if necessary can be operated in a corporate environment. Eight-inch tablet Venue 8 7000 hit more and grace of form – the device was placed in an aluminum body thickness of 6.0 mm.

At the spring session IDF 2015 in Shenzhen company introduced another model family – a ten-plate Venue 10 7000 , which was not without compromise layout in the form of a cylindrical tide in the lower part of the body, which houses the battery and stereo speakers. But the thickness of the rest of the body increased by only 6.2 mm. But “plump” battery promises up to seven hours of battery life.

We offer for a fee keyboard unit is equipped with a backlight and touch panel. This unit can be rotated in different ways, like a family of devices Lenovo Yoga. 10 tablet Dell 7000 is equipped with Intel Atom Z3580 processor with four cores, diagonal display type AMOLED reaches 10.5 “, and the resolution remains the same – 2560 x 1600 pixels. Preserved and camera RealSense, capable of recording several plans and change the focus after receiving a series of shots. SSD volume 32 GB relies basic version of the tablet cost $ 499, keyboard unit increases the price to $ 629. Increase the capacity of the drive can be using the microSD memory card capacity up to 512 GB. In some markets will be offered the option with 16 GB of internal memory. The plate was originally equipped with a operating system Android 5.0 (Lollipop), it will receive the same and eight-tablet. Android Work Platform allows you to restrict the set of applications that the user can install. In addition, the split workspace for leisure and professional activities. In the US, sales of tablet Dell Venue 10 7000 start in May this year.


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