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Call me. 7 best dialer for Android – Ferra

It just so happened that a standard interface in smartphones are not always popular with users. And if the iPhone you have to be content with what offer guys from Cupertino in Android there is always a choice. We have already talked about the shell Android, interesting about the keyboard, but today will touch on one more important detail in the OS. It goes about the application to make calls. If you frequently use the phone in its basic meaning, you often see a list of contacts, the number buttons and the interface during a call. The Android 5.0 app is essentially refreshed and was comfortable, but those who Lollipop yet, we have to be glad that it is. And not always in the smartphone menu calls implemented so that they could enjoy. In addition, currently there are applications in which the functionality is greatly expanded and they are much more powerful than the standard program.

RocketDial Dialer & amp; Contacts

Developer: Christophe Nys
Cost: free

 & Amp; nbsp

This dialer allows users to forget about the usual control, since it focuses more on gestures. Some time will be uncomfortable, but if you are, for example, using the keyboard Swype, the Rocket Dialer have liking. Is the program a lot of plugins that can be installed to extend the functionality of the application. Available “black list” or a screen with a full picture during the call.

Well implemented and the list of contacts, the difference is especially noticeable if you have a lower version of Android 5.0. When viewing the contact information it is possible to make a call, send an SMS-ku, add phone numbers to selected contact or link to any group. In addition, You can create an event in the calendar and link it to a contact, it is sometimes needed.

For lovers of all applications are available to customize a variety of interesting and unusual skins, so you can quickly customize the look of your dialer. However, this possibility overshadows the fact that many of the themes are paid, and this may alienate some users.

2GIS Dialer

Developer: DoubleGIS
Cost: free

 & Amp; nbsp

We know 2GIS company as a producer of good maps, which is convenient to look for different organizations. But they went ahead and made the program calls for a focus on the company. The appearance of the program has been simplified as much as possible, so that will not be difficult to understand. There is also a control gestures, and modern Material Design is present, aesthetes should be like.

As we said, the main advantage 2GIS Dialer – is to work with organizations. The database application has a huge database of phone numbers of various companies in all the cities of Russia. To use this feature, of course, you need to connect to the Internet. But if you will call a federal number, you will see not just numbers, and the name of the company and all the data on it. It is very convenient, especially if you often get a call from banks, brokerage firms and so on. But this is not the only purpose. You phone is always at hand to be addresses and phone numbers of various companies: taxi, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, banks and other organizations that are nearby.

Of course, for ordinary users, these functions can become a disadvantage. After all, not everyone wants to be dialer was also a reference. But, some sales representatives for sure come in handy. But the definition of the company by number, of course, need to those who receive daily many calls from unknown numbers and want to understand who they belong to. And if the day just a couple of calls, then this app is unlikely to be useful.


Developer: Modoohut
Cost: free / 230 rubles

 & Amp; nbsp

ExDialer & amp; Contacts – dialer is a very simple and user-friendly interface. Perhaps the only negative that it has – it is quite a high price for such a program. One week, you can use the application for free and then constantly annoying banner will appear offering to buy Pro-version. Of course, no one bothers to simply stop paying attention to it and use the program further. Osadochek But, as they say, remains.

But do not let the bad news. The program has support for over 30 languages, which means that it is suitable for users worldwide. In addition, there are quite a handy assistant T9, using which you can quickly type messages to your friends, relatives or colleagues.

Pleasantly pleased and availability of keyboard shortcuts. With their help, much faster to search the desired phone numbers in an extensive database of contacts. Not all hotkeys are obvious, although the program will tell about them. For example, if you press and hold the contact, then displays a list of selected numbers. – Makes the process of finding the right phone even faster. For example, a long press of the button contacts, which is in the bottom left corner will show you the list of favorite numbers. If you enter an asterisk on the keyboard, the application displays a list of frequently dialed phone.

Right from ExDialer can call in Skype, Viber, or write messages to WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. The program supports many applications, but for this, of course, they have to be installed. There for this dialer different themes and plug-ins you can use to customize the appearance and improve the data. If not for the cost of the program could be easily called it ideal dialer for Android.


Developer: PixelRush
Cost: free / 30 rubles

 & Amp; nbsp

This class representative is not just a dialer, is a complete call manager. The program interface is simple and intuitive, even against the background of the same ExDialer seem a bit overloaded. The application is optimized for all screen sizes, so that you can use on a tablet or even on old smartphones, not all programs are able to list it.

Then there are all standard features. The dialing buttons, search for contacts, phone book and all the things that should be in any dialer. It is noteworthy that the contacts can be edited directly from the call list. Also important is the fact that the program can work with two SIM-cards, for some users it may be the main reason to choose PixelPhone. Importantly, to switch between the two numbers do not require any action, but not so on the older versions of the standard applications in Android, and Lollipop-then it is implemented.

The problem PixelPhone is the same as in ExDialer. The free version is only available for seven days, and then the program will ask for money. However, this program is only 30 rubles against 230 the previous dialer. Themes, plug-ins, all of this is also present now in almost all applications of this type has additional functionality.

Dialer +

Developer: Contacts Plus team
Cost: free

 & Amp; nbsp

Красивая and comfortable, and most importantly – completely free program. Here and contact lists with photos from Google+ and Facebook, and stylish design, and elements Material Design. We can note an interesting feature notification of friends’ birthdays, but now it is doing and calendars, and applications sots.setey, and even built-in mechanisms in the smartphone, so it may even be superfluous.

Сортировать Contacts can be whatever you like: in alphabetical order, in ascending or descending order, commonly used, etc. To recruit others were even more convenient, you can install a custom widget to the home screen. This program is very easy and simple to manage. If you want to replace your dialer only for user-friendly interface and you do not need any bells and whistles, it’s probably the best choice. By the way, the developer of the program there is a couple of applications for contacts, we recommend you look to them, something might come in handy.

True Caller

Developer: True Caller
Cost: free

 & Amp; nbsp

Let’s move from the beautiful to the functional program and unusual. True Caller – an application that has long been present in the market, and has already won the hearts of many users of Android. The basic idea here is similar to the one implemented in 2GIS, with the only difference that the program can display information not only about the company but also about people. All data are in the public domain, so that no violations here. But just imagine how convenient it is when a stranger calls you (or a friend, but you have some reason not recorded his number), and the screen you see his picture and name. Of course, if the data of the person is not there, you will see just a number, but the base is constantly expanding, so, I personally hope that soon all will not be calls from unknown numbers.

Information about the contact is sought at the moment of calls, mainly in social networks. Developers assure that the search goes on for 1-2 seconds, but it all depends on the speed of the Internet. When connected to Wi-Fi is really going fast, but over the mobile network in my search takes up to 20 seconds.

The main thing is do not forget after installation to start the program, otherwise it will not be able to determine the background number calling people. Again, not the fact that this program is useful for those who rarely calls. But users who want to work to make a lot of calls, will appreciate this application on merit. By the way, to dial manually have yet to establish a separate program True Dialer, however, applications work very closely, and not as Swarm and Foursquare, so you can not be afraid.

Frank’s Friends

Developer: Phonedeck GmbH
Cost: free

 & Amp; nbsp

Frank’s Friends – a new application that used to be called Phonedeck Contacts. Perhaps you have something heard about it. This program is not quite dialer, but rather an application for the analysis of calls. The program stores information on all previous calls and messages, allowing you to build visual statistics, with whom do you communicate with. Data is provided in the form of visual diagrams, so that all immediately clear.

If you love statistics and numbers, then this app definitely have to taste. It is always interesting to analyze with whom communicate more often, on average, spend much time on call, who you often calls and various other data. In addition, this program is clearly useful to those who work directly or indirectly related to phone calls.

Another interesting feature is the application – this is an opportunity to update your profile with your contacts on the phones of friends. This is necessary if you change the phone number and report it to all your friends via SMS or social networks too long and unreliable. Of course, for updating their data from others is the application must be in your friends, this is probably the biggest drawback. In general, I wonder why such a possibility does not yet have a standard set of Android and iOS, it’s clearly an interesting and necessary function.


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