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Choose a photo editor for android-devices: the results consideration of 12 applications –





Now we summarize the consideration of the twelve applications для Editing photos and images . Conventionally, these programs have been divided into three categories: “Professional Solutions”, “photo editor for all” and “pampered and forget.”

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Here is the list in alphabetical order:

  • Adobe Photoshop ;

  • Autodesk Pixlr ;

  • Aviary;

  • CRE Photo Editor Pro ;

  • DHQ Solutions ;

  • Fotor;

  • LightTouch Solutions ;

  • Photo Editor Pro (Zentertain) and Camera Photo Editor ;

  • PhotoDirector;

  • Photo Studio and KVAD Camera + (KVADGroup) ;

  • PicsArt;

  • Venus.

Если with the first two categories of understanding, it is necessary to explain the name of the third. The fact that a failure to name all the applications in this constellation of impossible, but some of them are overwhelmed by advertising and all sorts of unnecessary frills.

At the same time, such decisions can be a good help for children who are beginning to try yourself in the role of editor. However, the main function of these programs are quite acceptable and, therefore, lose sight of them can not.

Professional Solutions


In this category, we have ranked a few programs capable of much. In addition to standard editing, they can not only drastically change the picture, but also greatly enhance its quality. And each effect or filter quite finely tuned, and some applications and does offer innovative solutions.

However, options still have to pay. But we will not go into the debate begin.

Photo Studio and KVAD Camera + (KVADGroup)
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Photo Studio knows how much, and eats small – only 52 MB of RAM. It is worth noting that this is the lowest in its category. And to find fault with this application virtually impossible.

With the management and configuration to handle even a child, the interface is pleasing to the eye, and no bugs or crashes. The only pity is, the program does not own the “cloud” and send images via wireless networks.

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The program is not free. While paying nobody forces. We need additional filters – pay, not needed – enjoy the fact that there is. And there is this program so much so that for the first time the pre accurately enough.

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In addition, there KVAD Camera Plus, which offers a lot of different filters for the camera, as well as a function that allows to see the changes and the original image simultaneously. However, the majority of filters, as well as the effect is worth the money, so installing the free version of virtually nothing.

Autodesk Pixlr
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Yes, Autodesk Pixlr can be called a professional solution that will suit both amateurs and budding photographers. All effects, filters and overlay got flexible configuration. This extensive library of applications with a minimum of every pampering.

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It should be noted, and more moderate appetites compared with PicsArt, although built “camera” does not go to any comparison with the last option. Whatever it was, stuttering and freezes the picture editor has not been noticed, and this is important.

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However, the camera work is implemented fairly primitive. At your disposal a few overdubs and all. It is not surprising, since the main purpose of this option – transport only that captured images in the editor.

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The main difference PicsArt other photo editors is that this application will be equally useful both for professional and for amateur or even a schoolboy. Easy to set up and its wealth are staggering, because if you want you can create a truly unique picture.

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Repeat and describe all the benefits it makes no sense – they are available. Though not without flaws cost.

The first thing to note – intensive applications. He eats a lot and sometimes it slows down even at medium power devices. What can you do with the functionality and quality you have to pay. The second drawback – albeit slight, but advertising.

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It should be added that some filters are loaded directly via the Internet, so the Wi-Fi does not hurt. Add to that a lot of the necessary permits and think about whether you need a processor or not.

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The only drawback of the application if it can be called a disadvantage – the inability to create a collage, as such, as well as the possibility of removing the “red eye”. From my point of view there is nothing reprehensible, but, as they say, taste and color.

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For the rest, some pluses. Memory consumption has not moved one iota since the first start-up, setting scrupulous and precise effects “of the case” and their weight, there are visual clues, the interface is pleasing to the eye and the “other, other, other”.

Also, do not forget about the cost removal of unwanted objects, something we have not seen in other photo editors.

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Despite the fact that the application is aimed at professionals, it does not forget about the average user, including “students.” In fact in front of us a golden mean between reasonable Autodesk Pixlr and multifunction PicsArt. One of the first places in the category, without any doubt.


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