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Introduction to Google Cardboard: study popular android-application cost virtual reality glasses –





We are all accustomed to the fact that in the modern entertainment such as 3D, virtual reality, and other technological stuff, you have to pay. But not for Google Cardboard, which cost just a cheap.

These points can open the door to many users in the world of virtual reality. The only question is, what applications are best to use in order not to be disappointed and get the most pleasure.

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Fortunately, developers recently drew attention to the stalled segment VR applications and began its active development. And let these high-tech gadgets is not so much (Oculus Rift not take into account), but also with those that are available, you can have a good time. So what then play or what to see? Let’s deal.

Google Cardboard


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In 2014, the developer conference Google I / O 2014 budget were presented virtual reality glasses – Google Cardboard. Although at first glance a rather grandiose name for the product.

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From a small sheet of cardboard folded offer us some sort of points. This is done very simply: where needed – comes off then Bends, insert the lens and folding.

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We fix an “active” part of a special Velcro and elastic band put on upon receipt. No glue, adhesive tape, and even scissors – origami and only.

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The build process visually depicted in the animated image above.

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The result is such here whether glasses, or hat. That they then inserted into the smartphone.

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As expected, craftsmen from China did not ignore Google Cardboard. Cardboard, lens, and four elastic Velcro, why not “help” in the promotion? Chinese Cardboard can be ordered for $ 02.04, and there are a variety of smart phones with different screen diagonals.

What is the essence of Google Cardboard and how they work?


The screen of the smartphone is divided into two parts, the left area of ​​the left eye and the right, respectively, to the right. Left image captures much of the image on the left and the right from the right. Thus, simulated 3D effect itself and arranged a person’s vision, it is when it comes to the surface.

In order to dive into the world of virtual reality lenses are used, the distance between them and the screen will be about 5 centimeters. Lens will not only reduce the focal length, will reduce the burden on the eyes, but also narrows the field of view, which in this case affects only the hand. That such a guileless scheme. The only condition is the screen size of the gadget. According to Google «planshetofony” not in vogue, so will Google Cardboard smartphones only five inch, diagonal 5.5 comes with difficulty, but a 4.5 fall.

By the way, I forgot to mention the fact that as soon as we put the smartphone in glasses, runs firmware application Google Cardboard (of course, you need to download and pre-install). This occurs via NFC tags attached to the inner side of the accessory. Another of the items on the left side there is a magnet that, if you have a smartphone magnetometer can emulate pressing.

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Those who found Soviet times, or even slightly aware of the history of technology, can compare with Cardboard stereodiaskopom. The point at roughly similar devices.

Google Cardboard


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The main application for Google Cardboard is a program of the same name. It collects all the installed applications that support work with the device.

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In addition, Google Cardboard have six own VR applications bundled with it. They are very simple and are aimed at showing possibilities miracle helmet.

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Tour Guide – virtual tour of Versailles. We not only watch the beautiful view of the surroundings of the park and the castle itself, but also listen to the guide. He says so far only in English, but you will agree, that’s good. Tour a couple of nice slide demonstrates the possibility of “cardboard boxes”.

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Exhibit – view virtual 3D models of ancient artifacts nations. Here we look at a very beautiful artifacts can twirl them and look at them from all sides and from any angle.

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Windy Day – minute cartoon about a mouse and her hat, which flies from it because of the strong wind.

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Google Earth – volume travel the planet Earth. It looks quite futuristic and unusual, that’s just the picture quality leaves much to be better, much better. Only the major cities of Europe and America well made, everything else is better not to watch.

My Videos – view our videos. When watching content a feeling of cinema, because we only have around a huge screen with a running record. And there’s Photo Sphere – the finest of the photosphere, which can be set up with the help of the application for taking photos Google Camera, and enjoy watching here.

Well, the first program, which teaches us to use Google Cardboard, we have not yet considered. However, even it is not necessary to run. It only tells you how and why you need to turn your head and tells of a button provided in the form of a magnet.

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Скачать Google Cardboard
from Google Play


Developer Google Inc.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 4.1 and later.


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