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Roskomnadzor block applications for iOS and Android for extremism – News

Roskomnadzor block applications for iOS and Android for extremism

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Roskomnadzor must blacklist links to pages Official Store
 Applications AppStore (for the platform iOS) and Google Play (Android), which can be downloaded to a prohibited
 Russian literature. This is stated in the decisions of the court and the Prosecutor General,
 aimed at performance in Roskomnadzor. Ministry spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky confirmed the “News” information on obtaining prescriptions. Also, the Office noted that this is the first application blocking.

– The emergence of this kind of content in the popular online app stores is savagery. Administration of these stores need to learn how to prevent the spread of prohibited materials – said Ampelonsky.

April 20 the prosecutor’s office of the Stavropol Territory in the interests of the Russian Federation and unspecified persons appealed to the Oktyabrsky District Court in Stavropol on the recognition of two books of Said bin Ali Vahf bin al-Qahtani (“Fortress of the Muslim. From the words of understanding of Allah found in the Qur’an and Sunnah” and “Fortress of the Muslim. Treatment with prayers to Allah. Treatment with conspiracy, meeting in the Qur’an and Sunnah”) prohibited the spread of the web.

The prosecutor’s office noted that both these books are included in the federal list of extremist materials, which is the Ministry of Justice. “However, access to information materials listed so far is not limited,” – said the prosecutor. Annexes containing the texts of these books can be found in stores AppStore and Google Play.

According to Art. 13 of the law “On combating extremist activity” in the territory of Russia is prohibited dissemination of extremist materials, as well as their production or storage in order to spread.

As a result, the court sided with prosecutors and ruled that the links the relevant page AppStore and Google Play to be made to the blacklist, which will make them inaccessible to customers of Russian Internet providers. The decision came into force on May 20.

At the prosecutor’s office, there is another way to make Web pages in the black list. According to the law “On information, information technologies and information protection”, Prosecutor General or his deputy when it detects the web calls for riots, extremist activities, participate in the mass (public) activities carried out in violation of the order is sent to Roskomnadzor demand immediately block the relevant page.

This is what happened on May 15 when the Prosecutor General’s Office sent a letter to Roskomnadzor with a link to Google Play, where you can download the application text banned in Russia Adolf Hitler’s book “My the struggle »(Mein Kampf).

Roskomnadzor notified the Google, by sending the appropriate letter. The following day, access to this material from Russia was closed by Google. Soon, however, Roskomnadzor found that this book is available on another page – for paid download (as low as 101.3 rubles). The corresponding page has been added to the black list, but Google was sent a notice about it.

According to the head of the company Actor (engaged in the development of applications) Stepan Korshakova, Google and Apple are usually willing to respond to user complaints. And the supervisory authority would be better not to block their own page, and complain about the administration of shops. In any case, people who have already set the appropriate application, they are stored on smartphones.

– If you close the stall, which sells a magazine that does not mean it has purchased in the kiosk magazines will cease to open. Shopping apps – just the way they distribute, and already installed applications to work further with their servers. Appendix-book is likely to do with what is not working and the book contains in itself, for it is most likely do not need an Internet connection.

After the Roskomnadzor will in blacklist Store Page with a particular application, customers of some small regional providers may stop open the whole site online store, as they can only block them entirely. According to statistics from the supervisory authority “close” individual pages can not be the order of 30% of providers.


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