Friday, May 22, 2015

Shops iOS and Android removed banned in Russia content – Look

The Roskomnadzor said Friday that the app stores for iOS and Android have removed content that is banned in Russia.

«Top app stores and play. removed extremist content “- said in a microblog agency in Twitter.

Earlier Thursday,” Izvestia “wrote that Roskomnadzor must blacklist links to pages on the official site app stores AppStore (for the platform iOS) and Google Play (Android), which can be downloaded banned in Russian literature. This is stated in the decisions of the court and the Attorney General for the execution to Roskomnadzor.

The official representative of the department Vadim Ampelonsky confirmed the publication of the receipt of the information from the Prosecutor General’s relevant regulations. Also, the Office noted that this is the first application blocking. “The appearance of this kind of content in the popular online app stores is savagery. Administration of these stores need to learn how to prevent the spread of illicit materials, “- said Ampelonsky.

It was noted that on April 20 the prosecutor’s office of the Stavropol Territory in the interests of the Russian Federation and unspecified persons appealed to the Oktyabrsky District Court in Stavropol on the recognition of two books of Said bin Ali Vahf bin al-Qahtani (“Fortress of the Muslim. From the words of understanding of Allah found in the Qur’an and Sunnah” and “Fortress of the Muslim. Treatment with prayers to Allah. Treatment with conspiracy, meeting in the Qur’an and Sunnah”) prohibited the spread of the web.

The prosecutor’s office noted that both these books are included in the federal list of extremist materials, which is the Ministry of Justice. “However, access to information materials listed so far is not limited,” – said the prosecutor. Annexes containing the texts of these books can be found in stores AppStore and Google Play.

According to Art. 13 of the law “On combating extremist activity” in the territory of Russia is prohibited dissemination of extremist materials, as well as their production or storage in order to spread.

As a result, the court sided with prosecutors and ruled that references to the relevant pages AppStore and Google Play to be made to the blacklist, which will make them inaccessible to customers of Russian Internet providers. The decision came into force on May 20.


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