Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Android M are management tools permits – Computer Information Portal

A conference for developers Google I / O will take place in late May, and the first rumors about the announcements have already begun to fall in the media. The company itself in the schedule events Google announced that it would be announced a new version of Android under the code M, and the sources of the news agency Bloomberg reported that one of the functions – the center of the user’s privacy.

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According to an anonymous employee of Google, familiar with the development of Android, the corporation intends to allow the owners of Android-devices to achieve more control over what they are doing third-party applications with their data. From the very first version of Google has created a system of permits that are requested applications before installation, and users was limited choice – either agree on everything, or refuse and left without application. As a result of this situation, there were a variety of applications, such as calculators or flashlights that perform simple functions, but require permits from the mass access to the Internet to determine the geolocation of the user. This behavior is not always indicative of malicious applications, but such permits are sometimes required programmed in the software distribution advertising SDK for monetizing the product. But in any case, this situation caused the dissatisfaction of many tech-savvy users and public organizations (such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation – EFF), which demanded that Google take action against uncontrolled permits. The source said Bloomberg, this request will finally be satisfied in the Android M, but full control over the user’s permission will not be given. The system will control levers for the most critical part of the solution to privacy – access to contacts, messages, gallery pictures and geolocation.

The details on the implementation of this function the source of the publication reports did not, therefore, is not very clear whether it is a part of the open system, or will be part of a closed proprietary package Google Mobile Services, but will require a modern version of Android. In Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was part of a hidden bag App Ops, which also allows to control the resolution, but in one of the audits Android 4.4 KitKat, this feature has been removed with the motivation that it was included in a custom version of the system by mistake. However, in alternative implementations, Android, such as CyanogenMod, this package continues to be supplied by default. As for Android M, the program of the conference, it became known that Google is seriously going to enter the segment of “heavy” of the corporate market, is not associated with the “white-collar” and on embedded systems, portable terminals and other similar areas, where rules the Windows Embedded Compact and QNX. It is unlikely that the actual release of the system will take place at the end of May, so Google, possibly repeat last year’s experience with the Android L, when the conference will be the announcement of key functions and API, will be shown preview image of the system, and then the fall of an official release of the system together with the family of Nexus -devices.


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