Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Android M was allowed to test the Xperia-smartphones – BBC News

Sony is allowed to install the preview version of the operating system Android M some smartphone models in a line of Xperia. The test assembly, which appeared on the “standard” Nexus-devices a few weeks ago, is available in the program Open Devices, conducted by the Japanese manufacturer.

The developers, enthusiasts and other stakeholders Open Devices can download the “clean” version of the Android Android Open Source Project (AOSP). To move the unsigned software on the device, you must first unlock it boot. Perform this procedure should be very cautious, because it threatens the loss of warranty, and is a risk to transform the gadget into a lifeless “brick”, if something goes wrong.

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A preliminary version of Android M is supported on the following models: Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z1, Z1 Compact, E3, M2, T2 Ultra and T3. Set the preview makes sense solely for the purpose of testing and debugging applications. Since the assembly is downloaded from AOSP, it lacks any closed components Android, including Gmail and the store Google Play Store. Installation Instructions Android M experienced users can be found at Sony.

Source: ExtremeTech


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