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Android with the past – Kommersant

In the Russian rolling out “Terminator: Genesis” Alan Taylor.

Michael Trofimenkov

goes to rent a film by Alan Taylor “Terminator: The genesis of the” long-awaited event can be called only in the literal sense of the word. Previous film about the battle android T-800 – “Terminator: Salvation” McGee – was filmed recently in 2009. However, it lacks the main element – Arnold Schwarzenegger. His face was still the acting governor of California was combined with the body builder Roland Kickinger, but a decisive role in the war between humans and robots is not being played, and indeed such substitution perestroika resembled the practice of provincial tours fake “Tender May”.

Natural Schwarzenegger is not to get into the skin of the Terminator twelve years – since the days of “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (2003) by Jonathan Mostow. Fidelity 67-year-old hero of the word given him a hero: promised that he would return, and the back – a most admirable. To believe in miracles, of course, necessary, but the Terminator saga exhaustion was evident as early as 2003, when it moved from director James Cameron.

After terminating the coming invading the present, have become commonplace in the history of the war of men and machines into something more, into a terrible dream come true, only through Cameron. The “Terminator” (1984), he announced himself as a powerful visionary and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991) cemented this very rare and precious status. It does not matter whether the truth Cameron said, arguing that a monster with red eyes, relentlessly pursuing the kind of woman he dreamed in Rome feverish dream in 1981. It is important that the universe “Terminator” as a plastic unit, he saw that it was the director’s inner eye, not rationally calculated.

He did not have flooding the screen tens of modernized military robots, as did McGee to portray an apocalyptic battle of the future, lack of image – steel legs, oppressive human skull in the prologue of “The Terminator -2 “. When the bad robot T-1000 (“Terminator 2″) before disappearing into the boiling cauldron of metal, took a moment to convince all the victims whose bodies appropriated, it was a moment of pure cinematic poetry. Sparks of poetry Cameron generously scattered throughout the space of his films.

Power kemeronovskih films based on the total impotence of humanity in the brutal evil, embodied in a single creature. When the T-800 is moved to the side of humanity and has entered into a duel with the T-1000, saga acquired openly religious, if not prareligiozny character. When the fate of humanity began to depend not only and not so much the outcome of a melee two titans, but on the ingenuity of hackers, constantly “inactivating” some codes, and the course went “big battalions” machines, lost saga and poetry and mythological, becoming just one more computer cartoon. Indeed, Cameron’s directorial post and replaced by professionals cartoons and comics. Saga has moved to a different weight class, and its continuation is not had no reason other than the purely commercial.

was exhausted and dramaturgical, so to speak, the variability of the plot. You can not endlessly post from the future into the present all the new bounty hunters T-800, Sarah and John Connor. To revive the curiosity of the public, giving one of the female terminator guise (“Terminator 3″), it is possible only once, but African American and Chinese depict him no one will dare. Any war, especially a war of people and cars, sooner or later must end, even if it involves a Russian general Lysenko (“Terminator 4″).

Saga moved to a different weight class, and its continuation is not had no reason other than purely commercial

In general, the creators of the fifth “Terminator” faced the same dilemma as anecdotal Jewish refusenik, who, having received permission to emigrate, can not choose dear to his heart, and finally to timidly asks the employee OVIR, there you have that other globe. To breathe life into the saga could only shifting its effect on the “other globe.” Especially if the authors really believe that the potential of the “Terminator 5″ is so great that the film will be the first head of the new trilogy about the T-800.

From the honorable role of the director refused to revive the saga is certainly capable of Denis Villeneuve and Ang Lee, and it inspires strong concerns about the quality of the script. Taylor decided to nullify the consent of the knowledge and expectations of the audience whether the most insolent manner, or simply and tastefully. In the absence of another globe we have chosen another time. The main characters are the same, but under the new rules of the game during the teleportation Sergeant Kyle Reese, Sarah’s bodyguard, time whether faults, whether cracked seam, whether ensued maritime hub. Time – it is: all endure that no vytvorit him fiction. In short, Reese will not in 1984, which dates back to the action of the “Terminator 1″, and in 1973. And there nine orphan Sara grows under the tutelage of the T-800, so to speak, grandfatherly terminator, which also swept a temporary loop. Beforehand, you can assume that wags recall in this connection Schwarzenegger his experience “Kindergarten Cop” from the film Reitman 1990. The filmmakers went to this risk, and of great.

Strange is that none of the continuation of Cameron’s never occurred to the obvious scenario idea. Why not use them to the filmed scenes, not only as a springboard scene, but also as an element of the story? Indeed, in 2004, the year of action, “Terminator 3″, John Connor must have already seen the movie Cameron and could save the world is not random, and using information contained in them valuable information.


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