Sunday, June 21, 2015

Motorola launches Android 5.1 update for the smartphone Moto X of the first generation –

Motorola declares quite regularly about the release of an update for its smartphones and now has decided to please the owners of the first generation smartphone Moto X, appeared in 2013. For them it was prepared to upgrade to the operating system Android 5.1, you can get it by downloading the standard way through the setup menu and wait for rebooting your smartphone. After the update is installed firmware version 222.21.15, the rollback to the previous version is not provided.


This version of the device will be transferred to the use of virtual machines ART, thereby accelerate the OS and installed applications, thus significantly increase the disk space they occupy. Monitoring the status of the battery now displays the approximate time at which the battery charge is enough, or necessary for its charging time; also introduced a new energy-saving mode, reducing productivity and turn off most of the background data exchange.


Moto Assist tool now allows you to configure the time interval over which to contact the owner Moto X will be able to only certain people from your contact list. Function shortcut notifications Moto Display now has an analogue in the form of Android Ambient Display, the user can switch between them, but was more economical version of Motorola. Other innovations are mostly standard OS Android 5.1: recycled notification window and running applications, processes, and is now showing in these applications; lock active application, the appearance of accounts with different rights and a new mechanism for the transition between the cellular network and a Wi-Fi connection for data transmission.

Source: Motorola


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