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Choosing a training diary application for android-devices: GymApp, «Fitness Trainer», T Note: The magazine training, as well as the results of … –





The laboratory site continues to fight for a healthy lifestyle, considering the appropriate application. Those who have already decided to go to the gym, do not have to be disappointed in the results, but it needs to not only do the exercises correctly, but also to conduct its program. Requires tedious training diary, roughly speaking, an ordinary notebook with helpful notes. But we are people advanced and do not forget about their cutting-edge smartphones, here they help us.

The предыдущем Review We reviewed three applications for fixing our sports exercises. Fit Log – one of the most advanced sports programs, combining training diary, a personal fitness trainer, and something else. Gymjournal – miniature applications to capture their athletic performance. Well Note4Fit – simple and very clear program to track their physical activity programming exercise and weight tracking.

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The new material we continue the theme of training diaries. The first application we will GymApp. It monitors not only for performance of the exercise, but also the consumption of food, including protein. And you can manage it as a smartphone or tablet running Android and iOS, as well as through the web version. Then there is a very simple program “Fitness Trainer” developed PersFit. Next, consider the T Note: Journal of workouts, the creators of which states that it can compete with paper copies of the diary.

And in the end we traditionally sum up the results of its consideration of the class programs and formulate conclusions.



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Any sports training should be planned and thought out on the inside and out. Especially for athletes that are training diary. There are making exercises performed and their results, and some even record the measurements of his body and calorie consumption. All this in a more convenient form allows the application GymApp.

Application Features GymApp:

  • A huge database of exercises with the description in Russian and photographs;

  • The ability to generate various training programs and create your own exercises;

  • Logging training with the ability to edit and view the calendar;

  • Create a backup in the cloud or on a flash drive;

  • View statistical information on the results of training.

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The benefits GymApp Pro:

  • The lack of top banner advertising;

  • Unlimited cache for storing the photos of exercises (in the normal version of the cache is designed to last 20 scanned images);

  • Retrieve all the exercises and photographs of them;

  • Access to all future Pro-functions.

Getting Started


GymApp interface is very simple – there is everything you need, without any frills. And the application itself is visually divided into several pages. And not to miss anything important, I suggest to get acquainted with each of them separately.

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«Home” allows you to start training, go to the measurements and nutrition. Yet it displays the overall statistics: the number of advanced training, time spent in the gym, while the last workout and her date.

If any provision of the statistics we are not interested, for example, during the last exercise, it can be hidden.

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Next – “Exercises.” On it you can see all there is in the basis of the exercise. They are divided into categories (muscle groups), for clarity on the right side are allocated on a mannequin.

According to my calculations in the annex about 100 exercises, not so much. However, if you require the list is not found, you can add it manually.

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By the way, if you do not know how to perform a particular exercise, the description provided GymApp technology implementation. The text is supplemented by a couple of photos and drawings, which highlighted a group of active muscles. Another point – swipe left and right, we can move through the descriptions.

253x450 67 KB. Big one: 720x1280 243 KB  253x450 58 KB. Big one: 720x1280 190 KB


The next tab contains the calendar. It marked our training, and one-touch, you can go to history to see made on the day of exercise and their results, as well as measurements of the body and received calories / proteins.

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Page “Measurement” is responsible for all of our physical data: weight, height and biceps. The extreme right number displays the current information, and the previous – the data on the left. If we want to keep a record of the other parts of the body, you can add the necessary columns for the other parts.

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In contrast, all the tested application, it does not forget about nutrition. Developers have added not only the elementary count calories and protein. Since protein important for muscle growth and formation, it must be taken into account.

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On the very last page, we can see the visual statistics on training. Actually, everything is very simple and clear.

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By the way, all of these parameters can be adjusted to regulate, and, of course, be viewed on the official website GymApp. That’s really comfortable.



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In the parameters of the application are not many options. In addition to standard facilities in the form of units and the language of the application, we can adjust the timer, turn on the backlight Hold and mute.

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Separately allocated data backup. Synchronization of information may be performed in three versions: site gymapp, locally and Google Drive.



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GymApp works quite well, any complaints are absent.

Application Version

5.8 MB

The size of the application in the prescribed form
11.5 MB

Consumption RAM
35-40 MB


GymApp – an advanced training diary, which is responsible not only for the performance of the exercise, but also for food. The program has everything you need and more, and is presented in a convenient form. From useful features include the advanced system backup.

If you create a training program on your mobile device you find it difficult, they can do in the web version of the application on the official site. There you can view statistics for training and everything that is presented in the appendix.

The program has a free version, of course, advertising. Paid version costs $ 2.5 GymApp, it disables the advertising and allows you to cache all the images of the workouts. Actually, the limit in the first case is not critical, and the price of the full version is not so great, so the question of buying application lies entirely on your shoulders.

 250x250 112 KB

Skachat GymApp for android-devices from Google Play

Download GymApp Pro for android-devices from Google Play

Developer adhocapp.
Cost Free.
Pro version – $ 2.5.
Requirements For OC Android 3.2 and later.

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