Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Five main advantages of Android 5 Lollipop –

Plus first: the design minimalist Material Design

As is now fashionable minimalism in everything from furniture and interior of the house to the interface “smart” gadgets, the new Android exploit this trend to the full extent. The design is in light blue tones, flat screen himself, and minimalism are penetrated even into the very structure of the operating system, where everything is arranged as much as possible and combined with each other (so as not to take much space, obviously). Total rigor, simplicity, muted colors, the lack of small design elements – all this, according to amateurs like interface and make it comfortable.

Yes, the interface to be a rather controversial, no doubt. But there are fans of this design, and that for them it will be quite significant plus transition to the new OS.

By the way, the assurances of developers, thanks to the notorious minimalist interface, difference in use of the watch, smartphone, car or TV will be minimal for the user; Needless to say this because the system is proposed to be installed in all of the above devices. That is minimalism in this case is also a conductor of unification of interfaces. And again – to someone like that, and some do not. But do not say it can not.

Plus second: Smart Lock

A small but interesting feature, the essence of which is that the lock and unlock the device on the fifth Android, you can use another devaysa interfaced via Bluetooth. You do not have to make any kind of proactive input PIN-code or draw on the screen squiggles.

The easiest to understand the meaning of the chips, by analogy with the car: many modern manufacturers unlock your car when you come to it with the remote control key in his pocket. Some of the machines in the pocket of the key is sufficient even for the launch button «Start / Stop», not just for opening the door of the cabin. “Device-lock” can be anything: as a smart watch with support for Bluetooth, as well as a cheap label stick NFC, lying in your pocket. Another advantage of this technology – Automatic data encryption when performing this operation.

This is useful, for example, when you need to move for (in the office or at home), and Gadgets (s) to take with you do not want to, but also to protect your screen from prying eyes of intervention will be most welcome. Tag or watch in his pocket, a departure from your smartphone or tablet to a certain number of meters – and here they are automatically locked, and the data – encrypted.


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