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In the spring on the pages of our portal has published an article «Выбираем five inch android-smartphone from China that can be bought on AliExpress? ». This topic has found lively response from our readers. Then we noticed a недорогие 10-inch tablet with AliExpress and a few other categories of smartphones. Even in ordinary Hyde, we try to point to the possibility of the order of a device from China, as well as give an approximate price tag on AliExpress.

But why only AliExpress? Yes, this is the most popular Chinese marketplace, but not the only one. In addition, recently held an important event: the second largest online retailer in China,, officially entered the Russian market. He plans to take up 20% of the domestic demand, and its potential share is estimated at $ 10 billion. Realism is so ambitious plans will not evaluate. But such an event can not be missed: Find out what’s good

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In order to start somewhere, will focus on the same segment as when meeting with AliExpress – inexpensive android-smartphones with five-inch screen Full HD. The price tag will leave the same – up to 15 000 rubles.

As we just недавно passes through this segment, most models mentioned. Today, therefore, we will focus not on their features, and the differences in the proposals on the trading floors and AliExpress



In all areas of human activity guided by catching the leaders. So the creators tried to make their site look like AliExpress. This can be seen not so much copyright infringement as elementary common sense: regular customers AliExpress already accustomed to a particular interface, and not everyone will want to understand the entirely different menu constructed.

The main blocks constructed in the same order. As usual for “AliEkspressu” menu items are all in the same place, which helps start conversations with the site. Registration takes just one minute and can learn the name and surname of the files cookie.

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One of the declared features is supposedly full adaptation to the Russian client. This is primarily manifested in a full translation of the title and description of goods, not to mention its own interface. Indeed, in addition to Chinese and English is available only the Russian language, which can amuse vanity customers from Russia.

Yes, and on the main page, it looks very civilized: no “foot massage treatment jar”, “all peaceful pajamas” and other gems gugloperevoda. However, we should make at least step aside as immediately catches page in English. But it’s better this way than the clumsy Russian. Worse, in the Declarations section often come across pictures with the same gugloperevodom. However, they are known by AliExpress, so that these flaws just give “comfort.”

It is much worse that does not provide price lists in rubles. Chinese marketplace makes buying a dollar or RMB. In this current rate, which may be different from the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, is not specified anywhere.



Now let’s actually interesting to us smartphone. Here’s the start really serious punctures. First, when selecting the main menu category of mobile phones, we will automatically transition to the international version of, that is supported by one-on-one with the English language. But it’s not so bad, especially since no one will force us to take the exam for “Inglish”.

It is much worse that the navigation device does not actually work. The fact that the parameters to specify the search is not possible, since the left panel with the main criteria for selection simply does not scroll. That is on the monitor with a resolution up to Full HD can not select a brand of device, its color, plug type charger and a few other unimportant aspects.

Thus, the panel with the screen size, its resolution standard for mobile communication, and amount of RAM and non-volatile memory remain somewhere at the bottom. They can not see, if only to significantly reduce the scale when the inscriptions are almost illegible, or for landscape screen orientation.

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The situation may partly rescue tablets and smartphones with high resolution displays (from the Full HD). After 15 minutes of perverse games with scaling and tiny checkboxes finally manages to set the desired parameters.

As agreed, we choose the first on the screen: five inches diagonal, the resolution of Full HD. And here we are waiting for the third and the biggest disappointment of under these very broad parameters gets only a nine proposals. Moreover, it is only six models: Xiaomi Mi 4i, Lenovo Vibe X2, Lenovo S960 Vibe X, THL 2015, THL 5000 and Elephone P5000. And it is the second largest Chinese online store?

At the surprises do not end there. On the main page advertised ZTE Nubia Z9 mini. He also has a five-inch screen with a resolution of Full HD. So why he was not in issue on such parameters? Even more frightening is that a manual search by name ZTE Nubia Z9 mini website gives us «Sorry for the inconvenience, these products are coming soon». This is not in any frame.

Let us hope that all this nonsense is temporary and soon the administration will make every effort to correct the errors. However, under current conditions, the normal range of smartphone becomes practically impossible.

Compare prices


Fresh smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4i with a 64-bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of built-in and support for 4G LTE network costs from 255 dollars.

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On AliExpress, the same model is available for $ 235.

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Another interesting device is the Lenovo Vibe X2. We thoroughly tested this device еще Spring . This model is equipped with an eight-processor MediaTek MT6595M with integrated graphics PowerVR G6200, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and support for communications LTE Cat. 4.

Lenovo Vibe X2 we all liked: here and display quality, and the original body, and productivity is high, and a good camera. The only pity is that the memory card slot is not.

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On for Lenovo Vibe X2 asking 287 dollars, while the sellers on AliExpress are ready to send this smartphone is already over 187 dollars. Even if we ignore the dumping proposals, there is full of options for 218 dollars.

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The next step Lenovo S960 Vibe X . This model is no longer so attractive, because it is installed already rather outdated SoC MediaTek MT6589T. However, there is such a smartphone is less – $ 135.

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This is closer to the truth, and most of the proposals on AliExpress are a little more expensive. However, where you can buy Lenovo S960 Vibe X for $ 126.

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