Sunday, August 9, 2015

OpenSignal: in the global market represented more than 24 thousand models of Android-devices – 3DNews

The high degree of fragmentation of the Android ecosystem for the version of the software, of course, is one of its main weaknesses. According to statistics of OpenSignal, then running the latest version of the operating system – Lollipop 5.1 – works now only 2.6% of the devices, while in the older version Jelly Bean 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3, together accounting for 33.6 per share %.

However, this is a negative consequence of the other features of the mobile platform Google – a large number of equipment from different manufacturers represented in all price categories, which is considered to be a plus.

For the statistics once again turn to According OpenSignal. According to its estimates, in 2015 the market is represented by 24,093 names of devices manufactured by companies in 1294. For comparison: in 2013 the product range of all producers together totaled 11,868 models. Brands also had significantly less – in 2012 there were only a about 600, ie less than half today.

By the way, the most popular brand name recognized OpenSignal Samsung, which controls 37.8% Android-devices segment. Its smartphone Galaxy S3 still holds the lead in the world, the second is the prevalence of Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and got the third place.

However, speaking about the popularity of Samsung, OpenSignal into account the average over the world, while in individual countries may be a different situation. For example, in China the largest users give preference to products of Xiaomi, in Mexico like TCT (Alcatel), Argentina and Peru – LG, and in Saudi Arabia respect the HTC.

For more information on the study can be found on page report , which presents an interactive version of the chart. It is important to note that all statistics were obtained from 682 000 unique devices that have been installed OpenSignal.


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