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Select a program for remote access to a PC via android-device: Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop and TeamViewer –





From time to time we move away from the computer and find ourselves alone with your smartphone or tablet based on the Android OS, but that’s bad luck, we urgently need access to a PC. Requires a file, you need to run some specific program or something like that. How to be?

But modern technology is not standing still. And if earlier it was possible to control one PC from another, but now the opportunity is available for mobile gadgets.

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At first glance, the application for remote access to a PC via the android-device excess, but each has its own features and capabilities.

In this review, we examine the three most popular utilities. The first and the most difficult to master – Microsoft Remote Desktop. Next comes the 2 Splashtop Remote Desktop – one of the most functional programs that support computers based on Windows, Mac OS and even Linux. A third candidate for the title of the best known to many PC owners – yes, it is TeamViewer. Later fit line and other applications.

As the test equipment used plate 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 (CM12.1 based OC Android 5.1, the runtime ART, TI OMAP 4430 processor, 2 x 1200 MHz, PowerVR videosoprotsessor 540 384 MHz, 1 GB RAM) and smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V7 at OC Android 4.4.2, the runtime Dalvik, processor MediaTek MT6592, an 8 x 1700 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-450MP4 700 MHz, 2 GB of RAM).

Microsoft Remote Desktop


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Who, if not Microsoft, the developer of the operating system will be able to create the perfect program for remote access? In theory, everything is as it should be, but what we get in practice, particularly in the application Microsoft Remote Desktop? Let’s try to clarify this issue.

Getting Started


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When you start the program the first thing we have to set up the connection. Select the connection to the desktop, enter our IP address or host name (the latter is better not to use because there are failures, and a connection is not the first time), and then add our account.

When completing the data may be noted that in Microsoft Remote Desktop no Russian localization. And it’s strange, because the application has more than one million downloads from an official source. Additionally, you can specify a gateway connection, select the source of music, as well as connect to the session administrator to configure mouse action and connect to local storage devices.

I am confident that our readers informed resource users who know how to find the IP address or host name of where to look. So we dwell on this, we will not.

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Then, save the settings, and we return to the main screen, where you need to connect to a computer.

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That’s it – we remotely connect to a PC.

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Then the top of the screen displays have the IP address or host name, depending on what has been specified. Click on the word, opens a menu that allows you to connect to other computers and instantly switch between them.

You can also increase the size of the screen, and adjust the times: it is either the sensor or “virtual” mouse.

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Another thing – the right of the conditional “name” of our PC keyboard has a key start. It not only opens it, but also adds key Win, Shift, Ctrl, and others. It should be noted as a plus – a few keyboards in mobile devices equipped with these keys.

Now, on to our PC. Actually, about the management of the client computer through a remote connection, and there is nothing special to say. Through the Microsoft Remote Desktop we get full access to the computer, everything is pretty comfortable and functional.



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All the mobiles of Microsoft denied full settings, was no exception, and Remote Desktop. In addition to selecting a gateway connection and account we can hide the preview of the PC display on the main screen, allow anonymous sending of data to Microsoft and all …

Go into the Settings Microsoft Remote Desktop is not necessary – there is nothing interesting.



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Application Version

8.5 MB

The size of the application in the prescribed form
19 MB

Consumption RAM
No Information

It should be noted that the specific criticism to the application no. Response rate / image transmission is very high, and lags slowdown was observed.


In the end, Microsoft Remote Desktop is a good application for remote access to PC-based OC Windows. It is very simple and minimalistic, with contains all the necessary functions and more.

For example, we can connect to multiple PC and instantly switch between them. But most importantly, in my opinion, is the lack of specific applications for the computer – the program will work well.

And there’s another benefit, it can not fail to mention – the application Microsoft Remote Desktop absolutely free!

 245x245 13 KB

Skachat Microsoft Remote Desktop for android-devices from Google Play

Скачать Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta for android-devices from Google Play

Developer Microsoft Corporation.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 4.0.3 and later.

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