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Features Android Marshmallow, which you might not know – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)


How many people are already trying out the final assembly Android Marshmallow? However, the majority and not even used a version for developers. Unlike iOS, the new version of Android is not as spread quickly, and rightly so lots of devices on the market, each of which correspond to different manufacturers. Google, in turn, is trying in any way to organize an update, but as long as it is obtained is not as good as we would like.

However, this is, of course, a separate topic for discussion, we are today will tell you about a few features of the new version of Android.

Supports 4K


Nexus 6P features QHD-display – a maximum resolution in the line along with Nexus Nexus 6. However, Android 6.0 has support 4K- displays. In other words, the entire interface is loaded in the original resolution, but Marshmallow increase it up to 4K when viewing high-definition content.

to verify the loading

During the boot device will warn you that have been made there in the firmware and the operating system any unusual changes, including hacking.

Direct Share


This function allows to share content with a particular person. This will significantly simplify and speed up the whole process of transmission of information to other users liked. Meanwhile, developers need to optimize their software to support the Direct Share.

Support for Bluetooth-connection with a stylus


Now you have the opportunity to create a pair between your device and stylus via Bluetooth-connection, which will more accurately determine the coordinates of the stylus. In addition, if the stylus has, for example, a button, the system will respond appropriately to the press.

Smart text selection


Now, when you select text you do not have drag your finger in the upper area of ​​the screen to copy anything. Highlighting text will pop up a dialog box that allows you to copy, cut, paste the text and translate it using Google Translate (the application Translate to be installed on the device).

Links to applications

A link to YouTube or any other site, usually only leads to a transition to your browser, which offers a mobile version of the site. Now, in the settings for each application, you can register domains, and if you click on the link with the matching domain, for example,, you automatically will transfer the application to the YouTube. Conveniently.

Support Hotspot 2.0


Hotspot 2.0 support appeared in iOS since the release of the seventh version. It also got us a nice feature so just now. Its essence lies in the fact that now you will not need to enter a password when connecting to a certified public hotspot Wi-Fi. Your task – to be in possession of a SIM card, the technology will do everything for you.

Bluetooth SAP

SAP (SIM Access Profile) allows you to use a built-in car phone to make calls via your smartphone . Suffice it to connect a Bluetooth device to the car.

Support for MIDI


Music lovers, rejoice! The company added support for MIDI-keyboard. This allows the system to use as a remote control.

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