Saturday, October 31, 2015

Media: Android will be the system for computers and notebooks – Russian newspaper

Google intends to integrate the operating system Chrome OS platform Android, which, becoming the only addition to smartphones and tablets will be installed on laptops.

According to The Wall Street Journal citing sources familiar with the matter, the union of the company’s engineers have been working for about two years. According to the plans, a single Operating System will be presented in 2017, and the preliminary version can already come out in 2016.

The decision on the merger is supposed to be dictated by the low popularity of Chrome OS. While Android is installed on a billion-plus mobile devices, “Chromebook”, according to estimates of analytical agencies, account for less than 3 percent of the PC market.

According to experts, the translation on Android laptops even more expand user base platform, which today is already used in smartphones, tablets, “smart” watches, TVs and infotainment systems car.

desktop Android open PC owners access to the Play Market, which can benefit developers various applications.

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The line will be called Chromebook corresponding new OSes. Chrome OS will continue to exist as an operating system open source. Stopping her support company does not intend, however, to a greater extent will be recommended by the manufacturer to establish a unified platform for laptops.

The rumors of a merger Chrome OS and Android, is noted in the publication, we go for a long time. The signs of this were some personnel changes and the statements of representatives of the company, as well as the release of the tablet-transformer Pixel With running on Android. In addition, last year, users Chromebook, having the effect of low interest of developers a small selection of applications given access to some programs from Play Market.


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