Thursday, November 12, 2015

“Killer Android» flooded the market with cheap smartphones –

Smartphones for $ 75-100 without bloatware

In 2016 the company plans to release a large number of smartphones with firmware Cyanogen (CyanogenMod and CyanogenOS), the cost of which will be lie in the range of $ 75-100. This conference Big Android BBQ in Amsterdam, said co-founder and technical director of Cyanogen Steve Kondik (Steve Kondik).

The representative of the Cyanogen recalled that the market today there are many Android-smartphone in price in the specified range. But these mobile phones, as a rule, contain too much bloatware – party applications unnecessary cluttering memory and slowing down the operation. These applications set manufacturers and operators.

CyanogenMod 13

At the end of 2015 plans to complete the development of Cyanogen new firmware CyanogenMod 13, which will replace the CyanogenMod 12 , stable version which was released in June 2015, the company plans to offer CM13 programming interfaces (API) and development tools (SDK), which will allow high-quality integrated into the firmware of the application. The Cyanogen believe that it will help get rid of the bloatware and ensure the native experience of interaction (as with bare firmware Android). CM13 will be based on Android Marshmallow, while the CM12 is based on the Lollipop.

The new flagship

Kondik not rule out that in 2016, along with one partner will be released in the flagship device firmware Cyanogen. He quickly added, “did not say that.” This means that the firm plans yet. Recall that in 2015 this was the flagship OnePlus One.

Cyanogen against Google

Cyanogen – California-based company, founded in 2013. The total volume invstitsy it today from 16 investors made $ 115 million. Cyanogen runs the developer community an alternative Android-free firmware CyanogenMod and manufactures its own commercial firmware CyanogenOS based on CyanogenMod. The company cooperates with many manufacturers.

Разработчики CyanogenMod shared plans for 2016 g of.

In March 2015 CEO Cyanogen Kirt McMaster (Kirt McMaster) shared in an interview with Forbes that his company is going to “shoot the head of Google »(« putting a bullet through Google’s head »). Thus he made it clear that Google has with the stock Android is its main competitor.

Cyanogen plans to win market Google’s through cooperation with a wide range of developers of mobile applications and their installation in the firmware Cyanogen, whereas Google does not permit their partners equipped with flashing strangers applications. In April 2015, for example, Cyanogen Corporation signed an agreement with Microsoft, under which it undertakes in its pre-install firmware Cyanogen OS applications Microsoft Office, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and services, and Skype Bing.


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