Monday, November 9, 2015

Saving Private User: found on Android undeletable virus – Life News

You have quite a brand new smartphone on Android? Long time to choose, or perhaps even ordered it online and waiting for a parcel? It is quite possible that will have to part with your beloved gadget. Experts of antivirus company Lookout found Undelete malicious software. At risk gadgets and users from Russia, as well as the US, Germany, Iran, India, Jamaica and several other countries.

How tech villain Trojan gets into your smartphone defenseless in front of him? As many as 20 thousand malicious applications put on masks and usual our favorite services. Viruses are the most often disguised as «Facebook» , «Twitter» and «Vatsap » .

Experts distinguish between three types of these new non-removable virus – Sh edun, Sh uanet and ShiftyB ug. Almost all of them work like this: seize administrative access to your gadget, and set malware code. Well, what a trojan and how it can hurt, probably knows every user. Goodbye passwords, personal data and even money from bank accounts.

Summing sad result if picked up this virus, go to the store for a new smartphone because of malicious programs do not get rid of, even with a factory reset.

In order not to catch the virus, experts strongly advised to download applications only in the official shop “Google Play”. There is non-removable, this Trojan is not found.

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