Monday, November 9, 2015

Swiss TAG Heuer introduced the first watch on Android – Interfax

Moscow. November 9th. INTERFAX.RU – Swiss company TAG Heuer, together with Intel and Google introduced the first own watch with advanced network capabilities – TAG Heuer Connected, created based on Intel technologies and Android Wear, said the TAG Heuer.

The diameter of the housing TAG Heuer Connected hours is 46 mm. They are made in the style of a traditional chronograph: body, back cover and lugs made of titanium (Grade 2), which provides lighter weight and greater resistance to external influences than the body of steel or gold.

By default, attached to the clock textured rubber strap black with titanium buckle. The straps are six different colors – red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow – are sold separately. TAG Heuer Connected cost is 1,400 Swiss francs (1,350 euros).

The clock also provides access to frequently used applications Android, sporting data or notifications. Applications have been specially adapted for TAG Heuer. These include Insiders (to support the activities of daily living), GolfShot Pro (golf), RaceChrono Pro (motor racing) and Viewrangers (service navigation), which offers complete free subscription. Specially designed software development kit (SDK) allows you to create new applications.

In addition, TAG Heuer has added the usual functions that are an integral part of all the hours: timer, alarm clock and stopwatch, which are made in the traditional brand style .

Clock provides various options for network connections, including the function of streaming audio, Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi. Holders of TAG Heuer Connected will also be able to take advantage of all the features of the operating system Android Wear.

The novelty has 4 GB of memory and a battery of new generation which provides the device throughout the day. Watches TAG Heuer Connected in a waterproof housing (protection class IP67) are equipped with a miniature microphone to implement voice control Google and touch screen with a sapphire crystal. In contrast the number 3 on the dial is placed the crown with controls.


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