Monday, November 9, 2015

Undelete virus appeared on Android – a REGNUM

Washington, November 9th, 2015, 09:59 – REGNUM The experts at Lookout cybersecurity found in the operating system, Android malware (viruses) that can not be removed even with the factory reset. As the channel Lifenews, at risk gadgets and users of the Russian Federation and the United States, Germany, Iran, India, Jamaica and other countries.

As established experts, “an insidious virus” is most often spread through malicious applications , posing as popular services like Facebook, GoogleNow, Candy Crush and others. Just a list – more than 20 000 of them psevdoprilozheny.

Once the infected attachment is downloaded, the virus gets admindostup and runs in the background.

Understand that the device is infected, it is possible by the fact that it is constantly displays ads can not be disabled. At the same time the virus turns off without the possibility of restoring basic protections Android OS, which ultimately enables applications to access any user’s personal information, including passwords from accounts and postal services.

The company’s specialists Lookout say people who “catch” the virus might have to buy a new phone.

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